In a world of horrid advertising, instant excellence,
where a woman walks up to a fellow and politely says,
"Excuse me, I think you're the father of one of my children,"
which the man takes completely in stride as we draw conclusions.
Your attention is immediately drawn to the purpose of the commercial.
At the end of the commercial part of the message, focus back to the couple.
Again, we hear "Excuse me, I think you're the father of one of my children,"
and the fellow in his thirties or forties smiling handily when he hears this.
He responds with, "Yes, you have Katie for math seventh period."
So, at least half of us made a grievous error in judgement.
Accepting blame is a fast route to corrective resolution.
Strength is learning to detach from those who do not.
Flexibility is all you want to focus on, all your life.
The advertisement aimed itself to and about you.
Guess what?  You get to improve your brain.
In this moment, remember your flexibility.
It is one of your most awesome powers,
because it brings what you most want.
and if you are as smart as you think,
you get to use this magical power.
Death begins when growth stops.
Master secrets of your universe.
PowerGems work most every time.
Practice flexibility, hourly, with your body.
Every waking hour that you do not, you age.
So, too, with a few ounces of water each hour.
Your mind, your body, prove to be quite the same.
How is it that we admit there are people who are smarter,
and yet, it is never the person to whom we are now speaking.
The question mark is left off because it less a query than commentary.
Every human task has masters and champions who will teach you, for free.
Allow your basic knowledge of numbers to obliterate your identified obstacles.
Stop waiting for opportunity to knock. Better to create many different opportunities.
The more you tap into the resources you already have, the greater your resources are.
This proves true beyond ninety percent of the time for approximately every human being.

Whatever you hear, invest up to ninety seconds pretending you embrace it wholeheartedly.
Do this five to ten times per day. It may take a hundred, or even a thousand days to master this.
In truth, you begin developing mastery in your first one thousand efforts at sincere mental flexibility.

Arguments and disputes dissolve perhaps slowly at first, then faster and faster. You will develop mastery.
These are actual master secrets of the universe. Reading a book or three every day for 15,000 days adds up.
These books are generally finished hours before you awake, so the day is free for serious mastery pursuit.

I've experienced life's upper and lower moments, and know a bit about exquisitely painful confinement.
Excellence is a choice, because everyone falls down and makes a decision on how quickly to get up.
The more times you get up, the sharper your brain and body remain. This is a master longevity fact.
How sorry one can be for your refusal to see that there is no human being without some genius.
Instead of watching other people making money, imagine investing those minutes into you.
If you are lucky, you might get 25,000 decent days in this life, less if you eat cooked food.
Very few people beyond sixtyish are free of medical complaints, aches, pains, disease.
Again, excellence is a choice, and when you put garbage in, garbage may come out.
"May," because the flour and water you use for wallpaper paste? How nasty is that?
Do you realize that every single item in our favorite bakery guarantees disease?
Not a single human is exempt: the liver and HCL are shut down by white sugar.
Most all of what we eat that was not grown in the ground gets stuck inside us.
For better or worse, it's dark and wet inside, so it cements itself to the colon.
Fact is fact: What you think is five pounds too much is hiding another twenty-five.
Your intestinal skin is your largest organ, and seat of immunity, and stretches greatly.
Do you know that your intestinal skin, stretched out, would easily cover a football field?
When it's coated in the identical material you use for wallpaper paste, just flour and water,
there is no physical place for most of your nutrition into your blood, and little nutrition to start.
Any hour you do not stretch your mind, body & lungs, any hour missing water, is an hour of aging.
Seeing how gorgeous I still am after so many putative deaths, disfigurements, cripplings, I must know.

Because I earn my annual needs with the work of a single day, I have 360 days per year for you.
For more than five thousand days now, the Psychology of Shortcuts has grown into what it is.
Averaging 1,000 and more minutes per day, generally operating several computers,
you will find sweet fruit of millions of multi-tasking minutes invested in your success.
It is here for you to move past eighty or even ninety-plus percent of all your obstacles.
Resolution is nothing less than magic when you practice it a thousand times and more.
So often we make mistakes in judgement, and it's never, ever occurred by accident.
Live on purpose with an eye towards flexibility, and you get rewarded hugely.
Best of all, you get to use these magic secrets of the universe repeatedly.
Breaking hundreds of world records is only a hobby, so I must know?
It is so much more important for YOU to know, and to grow.
The Psychology of Shortcuts lives beyond mediocrity.
Stop spending money on advertised items, NOW,
and your dollars fantastically multiply... now.

Wisdom in ShapeTalk - Psychology of Shortcuts Wisdom

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The Psychology of Shortcuts On YOUR Wisdom

All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know how to listen, here is very powerful information, new to you.
These next few minutes of your life are likely to change you forever. Focus.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, it is silly to limit yourself.
You have invested eighty percent of what is needed to get to so many more profits.
Do not limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
This is a major and master secret of the universe, used by all of the masters around you.
Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you've ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
A PowerGem is a deliciously universal secret of your own Psychology of Shortcuts.
PowerGems are hidden in plain sight throughout millions of MisterShortcut pages.

A closing thought about a matter of real import to the Psychology of Shortcuts :
You already know that what goes around comes around, ala "What goes up..."

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When you save dozens, then hundreds of lives, luck tends to transmogrify.
Watch how quickly a real variety of facets of your life begin improving.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE the Psychology of Shortcuts.

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As with every act of anonymous kindness you commit, YOU win.
You will, as we all do, experience many of your life's greatest feelings.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.

Join the Psychology of Shortcuts, solving problems,
one at a time, with the best and greatest shortcuts,
universal shortcuts sweetly called "PowerGems."
Each bit of ShapeTalk has YOUR PowerGems,
the most universal of all greater shortcuts.

You're looking for an explanation of ShapeTalk perhaps?

Keep Looking.

ShapeTalk Is Also Multiplex!
The Psychology of Shortcuts LIVES The Principles Of The Psychology of Shortcuts

ShapeTalk. You may think that ShapeTalk is merely an expression of art, or distraction.
We each quickly benefit by learning to see ShapeTalk for what is actually is, hm?
You see, we have become sound-byte people, we like to get it short and sweet.
ShapeTalk is a way of expressing many separate pieces of wisdom in short.
There are over a thousand ShapeTalk pieces in thousands of versions,
spread all thoughout the Psychology of Shortcuts for you to find.
ShapeTalk also, critically, separates thoughts line by line.
Have you noticed that? One line, one thought, mostly.
This way we can look at ShapeTalk and count!
Count the pieces of wisdom you take away.
Look in the ShapeTalk for PowerGems.

With all the wisdom in ShapeTalk, there are always more resources to repeatedly make use of.

The more you learn, the better your decisions tend to be, as it is for all developing humans.
Five minutes per day on any subject, narrowly focused, means rapidly developing mastery.
For example, learning five new facts per day about a narrow medical challenge is tops.
This method means you will know far, far more than a medical doctor about that area.

Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to, and more so with the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Take the time to stop every single day to enumerate clearly the top five items of the day.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Psychology of Shortcuts is here for your life.

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If you happen to develop pleasure in affiliate marketing efforts,
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Your investment of time is worth more than your money.
Money you can replace simply by asking for more.
Time can never be replaced, so it is precious.
Try affiliate marketing, to see for yourself.
You do not even need to fire your boss
Begin your affiliate marketing now.
One step becomes one hundred.
Affiliate with excellence.

Affiliate with the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity

By keeping the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts independent, without selling books, cds, tapes, etc.,
the independent credibility of both the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts are protected, while serving.
As long as the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity exist in service, affiliate marketing is our suggestion.

These pages exist to help bring you deeper into the master secrets of the universe.
MisterShortcut studied and spent time with thousands of masters, millionaires, and champions.
Excellence cannot happen by accident, and however good you're doing it, it can be done better, right?
Shapetalk is a treat, and the presence of ShapeTalk means there is something special in it for you.
Imagine for a minute as if you had the courage to ask 1,000 people in 100 days to finance you.
You would have to give them good reasons to finance your effort, better yet, several reasons.
You would want to write down the five most likely reasons they would give for rejection.
Practicing great answers to those five most likely reasons multiplies your success.
Cover your mouth if you giggle at finding out that everyone gives five reasons.
Nearly all of the thousands of excuses come down to just five basic reasons.
It does not matter if you are selling jet aircraft, or want to perfect an art.
People give the same 5 reasons, and that gives you enormous power.
Practice no less than two or three strong answers for each rejection.
You already know the five most common objections, figure it out.
Rapidly build yourself a healthier, happier, more succesful life.
Embrace the master secrets of the universe in their essence.
They work approximately every time we use them repeatedly.
Death starts when growth stops, so, practice growth daily!
PowerGems: lifetime gift of your Number One cheerleader.
Seek multiple meanings in each bit of ShapeTalk you see.
Train yourself to stretch, breathe more, and drink water.
Your response in this minute clearly tells your future,
how we spend minutes is how we spend our lives.
Now you know master secrets of your universe.
Wisdom in ShapeTalk, for this very minute.