A Sure Thing?
A Sure Thing?
Double Who You Are
Sure thing? What is a sure thing?
Is there an animal named "sure thing?"
A thousand pieces diversifies and dilutes risk.
A thousand different positions: stock, forex, etc.

Ignore the urge to earn ten, twenty or more percent:
one percent in a set time, repeated, is the greatest path.

One percent repeated a thousand times without spending is wealth.
Of course there are people and companies earning a few percent per day.
One percent repeated one thousand times without spending is great wealth.
That is because anything you double ten times is 1,000x what you began with.
It's so enormous, most folks never bother to just increase 1% a thousand times.
How many people do you know double their income five times... without spending?
It is a huge secret of wealth: learning to accumulate long enough to double repeatedly!
It is easy enough for even kids to adopt, simply suspending the childish urge to consume.
You do not need toys or dollar doughnuts or five-dollar cups of coffee. Each one multiplies.
When you learn to count better than you now do, you understand future dollars, too.
A dollar that you spend today is five or ten, up to a hundred of your own future dollars.
One percent, repeated three thousand times without spending, is more than all wealth.
If you know so much about wealth, where is yours? Have you earned or given greatly?
Do you know that Chrysler makes more money trading FOREX than selling their cars?
They have traders betting on dollars going up and other traders betting another way,
and whenever there are fluctuations, whoever is up sells a portion of their position.
By using a low-risk position, you earn less, so simply repeat it hundreds of times.
You can do this for yourself with just a couple of thousand dollars, or even less.
Speak of thousands, you can watch millions earning a living by trading online!
There are many thousands of successfully growing new businesses each year.
All of them have a written plan. As a restaurant has a menu, so should you.
When you read a menu, you know in advance what your alternatives are.
You choose your alternatives based on information considered up front.
That's why written plans for our weddings are consistently successful:
Alternatives based on information fairly well considered in advance.
This magical trick of using one percent to develop fantastic wealth,
this pure secret of many who now hold billions in their accounts,
is as helpful and useful as your ability to practice self-discipline.
Just three rules that will guide you into real wealth acceleration.
First, do not hold onto something that has little of higher value.
Secondly, do not spend any of your profits: this is long-term.
Third: what you do best, repeat it many thousands of times.
Having broken more world records than any dozen people,
I can promise you the power to change the world transfers.
With no more or less than these words does energy move.
You are a record-breaking human, and we shall prove it.
Energy cannot die, it's quite alive in these words, hm?
As you feel the excitement growing, that is energy.
Since I will not use it again, please accept it.
Go. Do. Shhh. Get one percent better.
To you top seven-percenters: each day!
One percent per day, times 100 days,
totals double what you have now,
more than you have today.
Double what you know;
Double who you are.
Of course it works.
Aren't I proof?

One percent repeated a thousand times is a thousand times what you started with.
One percent repeated two thousand times is a million times what you started with.

MisterShortcut invites you to speak less and do more in the next sixty minutes.
Without exception, without fail, your results are assured of improving nicely.
What you know means little in the face of what you do with what you know

That's why you need not tell us what you can do, now, or in the future:
we can see clearly without you saying a word, based on what you do.

MisterShortcut Has A Question For You

Can you achieve a one percent increase? Does it take one year, month, week, day, or hour?
Whatever you determine to be your "one percent time frame," multiply it one thousand times more.
Doing it part-time, separate from all other functions of your life, an hour or two per week, may well suffice.
Do not spend any profit. One percent is achievable in a week or an hour, depending upon your hunger.
Hunger inevitably determines the level of education in any and every human field of effort.
Knowing in advance that you are counting only to one thousand, start immediately.
One percent, whether it takes you an hour or a week, is a repeatable function.
It is the greatest secret of wealth accumulation, known as compounding.
Thanks to technology, a month of research is done in a moment.
Thanks to technology, trading costs less than one percent!
Further, your cost starts dropping with all new profit.
Do not wait for more and bigger profits in trading.
Take your tiny profits, repeatedly, gratefully.
Shhh. Less talking, and more doing.
Wealth is yours to be earned...
one percent at a time.

P.S. To The Idiots Who Do Not Do Ten Minutes Of Research OR Who Bet Too Much:
You will quickly learn to earn or lose five to ten percent each day that you trade.
This applies to each of many scores of ways of trading: stock, forex, etcetera.
You only need to come out ahead by a few percent points each week.
This way, you earn more per week than a bank pays over a year.
No one seems to have told you the truth about your banks.
They keep ninety-nine percent of all the profits...
which they earn investing the deposits...
of hard-working depositors like you.

A sure thing, a sure thing, prayers up on that wing,
peeking the sure thing, seeking the sure thing,
who doesn't love the right shortcuts?

Leading with the sure thing,
teaching for the sure thing,
reaching for the sure thing,
now look at us well,
we are leaking the sure things.
One percent is the most sure thing of wealth.
the most sure things we see are too often of stealth.
Lead with the sure thing, seek out the sure thing.
The Psychology of Shortcuts
Remember, what you know means little to any of us
What you DO with what you know fascinates us.
Do more with what you know to attract us all.
Never mind that those around you will be astounded:
you can watch your result improve in mere minutes,
by knowing precisely what you want,
by asking more people to help,
by asking people MORE,
and then doing it
just one more time
Then, you can astound yourself
Stop buying products with other people's names on them
This alone will save you many thousands of dollars to invest
Forget impressing the neighbors. Who would you rather invest in,
a celebrity who could care less about you, or yourself?
Use your Psychology of Shortcuts to benefit yourself and others;
in a priority that makes sense to you, not to the advertisers who bombard you.