Psychology of Shortcuts
EyeCandy WaveRings Shapetalk

WaveRings reaching to waverings,
asseveration of poetry in a wavering.
Struggle to the bone,
grandstanding alone, more waverings.
As each climbs to flight, weaving its personal story,
newer waverings enter to share the chiarascuro of color,
in tints both known and those never introduced to humans.
Your articulations are only as unique as you experience them.
Slide to the edge of waverings, peeking the scent of an agenda.
The time it takes to look a second time, and a third, returns hugely.
Turn profit on the limited hours of your life by accounting for them.
More and more with less and less inevitably, persistently, yields more.
What you know is barely notable compared to what you do with what you know.
WaveRing through wavering, what wisdom does not yield multiple benefits?
Whence do waverings presume to traverse the course of known human history?
How do waverings asseverate that such pleasure and education can turn the tide?
Glide into waverings, winging higher within waverings, more waverings into love.
The Psychology of Shortcuts grows too as little and as greatly as do you.
Within a core of PowerGems in waverings and other EyeCandy, find it,
the next level of utility, every time you finally think you have them all.
Imagine getting three, four, five times as much utility from a secret.
You can and will, even in the sliver that you grasp this PowerGem.
Every piece of wisdom that exists has more than one level of utility.
Most everyone pretends and claims to understand this, yet few use it.
What you do repeatedly is what tells us what we need to know about you.
We will know you grasp this when you yield more results with each resource.
Our hopeful future (and obituary) will be no more than what we repeat the most.
waverings bring you into the omnipresent state of solution-focus, resolution-focus.
When you find the second benefit, sometimes the third and beyond, benefits accrue.
That is now two of the greatest secrets for moving towards the state you most seek,
a master of the universe, a mistress of the universe, asking and receiving precisely.
This Shapetalk is a Psychology of Shortcuts production for your self-edgimication.