Lighting the way

The best NY doctors must be naturopaths,
the best New York doctors are naturopaths,
let us all say it again, and again and again,
the best NY doctors are naturopaths, with no end.
Do not be suprised to see QRA as part of the equation,
because the best doctors, from New York, NY, to Oregon,
are surely those doctors who prove to know best of us all,
by virtue of including QRA testing as part of their practices.
The best NY doctors are surely naturopaths, QRA experts all,
as only the best of naturopaths, using QRA, tear down the wall.
There is a wall of health that we all face, within YOUR time and space,
so consult with the best of NY naturopaths, put a smile upon your pretty face.
Learn what QRA testing is, consult with QRA practitioners, and learn to do QRA testing.
Once you learn the basics of QRA testing, you get to freely use QRA for the rest of your life.
Nothing you have seen or learn in life is likely to prepare for the suprises within QRA testing.
Even one consult with any of the QRA practitioners in the U.S., and you will comprehend QRA.
All items, each living thing, each building, garment, and more, ALL subject to QRA testing truth.
QRA testing is simple enough for a child of nine or ten to learn in just a few minutes. It's that easy.
This is not highly technical, where mumbling of Latin phrases intends to keep you not knowing much.
QRA testing is instant, and as close to absolute for precision of testing and proof of QRA testing as anything.
The subjectivities of, for example, kinesiological muscle testing, are eliminated with the use of QCI or a QVial.
In fact, among millions of research pages, has no other test even approaching QRA.
You make an O-ring with thumb and finger, as the QRA tester sees how much it takes to gently separate your fingers.
It is not a contest of strength, simply a measure of approximately how much it takes to break the O-ring as you gently resist.
Now, stress tap a piece of food several times, then hold it up pinched between your fingers. Test the O-ring once again.
As long as the QRA tester is strong in their own GV20 (brain point), instantly remediable with a second of QVial, truth!
The Psychology of Longevity seeks to make it perfectly clear: QRA testing is the most accurate testing we have seen.
If you have not yet seen a QRA practitioner, or have not heard of QRA practitioners, you can find hundreds in the US

Shapetalk for QRA, that's what this is about,
if you are artistic enough,
QRA shapetalk can make you dance and shout out.
QRA shapetalk means Q.R.A. shapetalk, you know,
seeking to deliver a QRA Shapetalk kind of show.