Universal Shortcuts From Your Psychology of Shortcuts - Reversing Mediocrity

The universal shortcuts are why we are here, universal shortcuts, to help YOU, my dear.
This is the universal journey of life, the Psychology of Shortcuts, reducing your life's strife.
The universal shortcuts from universal champions, refuting the aims of the universal sinnners.
All that you do has a universal total, a universal tally, which will define your universal memory.
The way you spend your minutes is the universal tally of how you actively decide to spend your life.
Choose to act mostly the same today as you did yesterday, and tomorrow you"ll obtain similar results.
Choose to act with one percent more in every action you must repeat anyway, and you get better results.
These are master secrets of the universe, genuinely universal shortcuts that predict your universal outcomes.
The masters and millionaires who "pre-wrote" the Psychology of Shortcuts by using these universal shortcuts,
the champions and billionaires pre-shaping the Psychology of Shortcuts by using their universal shortcuts more,
these are the guidons, the hallmarks, the role models for your own engagement of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Your universal results are determined by how many times you do or do not use your universal shortcuts more.
Even more important than using more of your universal shortcuts... is to use your shortcuts that much more.
Universal results? You can plant more, and achieve more, in the next 100 days of your too-little-used life,
identifying what you most want, by when, listing who can help, and then asking more people for help.
The Psychology of Shortcuts delivers the true master secrets of the universe, the universal shortcuts.
When you ask more people more times each, you assure observable improvement in your results.
Never argue with a universal shortcut until you have used it fully a hundred times and beyond.
Employ your Psychology of Shortcuts, to see how your Psychology of Shortcuts employs you.
This shapetalk, like most Psychology of Shortcuts shapetalks, shares multiple PowerGems.
What you know in advance yields at least several universal applications and benefits.
When you use more of what you have, everything new gets repeatedly multiplied.
One effort, yielding up to thousands of discrete profits within your own lifetime.
Imitate those who live the Psychology of Shortcuts, you imitate their results.
Universal shortcuts, such as using both hands where you usually use one,
universal shortcuts, such as asking "which," rather than the toxic "If,"
wherein yes or no questions are changed into WHICH questions.
(Not would you, but, rather, which of these sounds better?)
Universal shortcuts for YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts