Shot In The Gas - Psychology of Shortcuts On Shot In The Gas

Shot In The Gas
NOT A Fuel Additive.
Shot In The Gas is better!
Shot In The Gas treats engines.
What a difference from fuel additives.
Shot In The Gas makes quite a difference.
Shot In The Gas coats your engine's surfaces.
We did not invest in SKGO (Skybridge Technology)
because of Shot In The Gas, which is why we are here.
It was the penny stock that birthed interest in SITG products.
The decision was made to buy shares of Skybridge Technology,
because the company model looks to see a return to some halcyon days.

This stock was at forty dollars and more, per share, and then fell to the bottom.
After buying shares in this penny stock, further investigation was made to see what it is.

So many separate benefits from a single product, even if the results are less than what is proffered,
needs only good management added in to increase the likelihood of a stock returning to greater days.

Shot In The Gas qualifies to the Psychology of Longevity as a good, green, helpful product.
It's actually a line of products, which offers consumers even more choices to purchase.
As Skybridge Technology raises its company model by becoming more mainstream,
AND having management likely to take a penny stock back above a dollar-plus,
plus conducting tests on larger scales in order to convince us all of value,
the Psychology of Longevity concurs with the Psychology of Shortcuts,
in buying up shares of Skybridge Technology, stock symbol SKGO.
When you buy a stock for a penny, every hundred bucks is real.
A hundred dollars' worth of penny stock buys 10,000 shares.
Each penny of movement in stock price is 10,000 pennies.
That's a hundred dollars, for each penny of movement.
One thousand dollars will purchase 100,000 shares.
Each penny of movement is 100,000 nice pennies.
A thousand dollars for each penny of movement.
So, you can see how people get rich this way.
Shot In The Gas is just one example of this.

Psychology of Shortcuts loves "Shot In The Gas" as a penny stock (pinksheets) - a promising investment.
Psychology of Longevity loves "Shot In The Gas" as a penny stock (pinksheets) - a promising investment.
Wait, wait. If that is not enough, an intersection of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity,
then take note that the products produced by SKGO (Skytechnol

The Psychology of Longevity bought SIRI,
long before it rose to twenty cents.
Next thing you know, one dollar,
and SIRI is just an example.
Many stocks will grow up.
Only 1 in 20 is needed.
The others can fail,
The one will pay.

A thousand dollars's worth of penny stock is $100,000.
That's a thousand dollars for every penny of movement.
You do not have to start at a thousand dollars' worth.
It's like casino gambling, but for getting better odds.
One hundred dollars per stock, and then leave it alone.
Repeat this process one hundred times, you get wealthy!

Rather than picking penny stocks hapharzardly, look for three things:

1) 3 reasons you can name for buying this stock.

2) At least a few of the brokers trying to get your service, those who throw "Freebie tips" up front, are bullish on this stock.

3) It used to be a big stock that fell down, and has management or other good reasons to believe in (See Rule 1)

That really is just about it for succeeding in stock investments, starting with penny stocks so that you can have diversity.
Diversity in portfolios is a central and seminal secret and shortcut for succeeding with any group of investments.
Penny stocks are the vehicle for people with very little money to enter the market and earn lasting incomes.

SkyBridge Technology Group, Inc. (SKGO) ( announced today that its Shot-in-the-Gas ( division signed up first 7 distributors in the US.

The company announced that over the past five days Shot-in-the-Gas has signed seven distributors from Florida, New York, North Carolina and California. As the company launches its sales in USA, the Company also negotiates with individual distributors in China, India and Bangladesh for Exclusive International License and sole rights to market Shot-in-the-Gas products.

The new US distributors created their own self-replicated website address using company's self-replicating website. The self-replicating websites streamline the development of national sales force for Shot-in-the-Gas, making it easy for anyone to become a distributor. All the candidates need to do is drive business to his/hers/its own web address that replicates the Shot-in-the-Gas website, allowing the distributors to track commissions and residuals at a glance.

Jeff Burns, the President of Shot-in-the-Gas, said, "Rising gas prices, customer requirement for higher MPGs, more power and emissions reduction make Shot-in-the-Gas' distributorship grow swiftly because our product offers America the sought for opportunity to become more fuel-efficient and cut down the national oil addiction."

More volatile odds, which are balanced out by diversity.

The secret to stocks is the same secret to penny stocks.
Those who embrace this secret tend to earn from stocks.
This is a universal secret, a PowerGem, of success in stock.
The secret to successful stock ownership is the very diversity.
Purchasing one hundred to one thousand stocks is the answer.
Up to sixteen of every twenty stocks will likely fail, and that's fine.
When you look at your total baskets, you will see why it is so sweet.
Long before you attain mastery, profits come in from the other stocks.
Two or three of those twenty will generate consistently generous profits.
One of every twenty will make you fortunes beyond what you count today.
This is one of the hidden PowerGems of developing wealth with any stocks.
It works with penny stocks, it works with big stocks, because it is so universal.
This worked when Percy Ross (from "Thanks A Million" fame) taught it long ago.
It worked through all of the booms and bubbles and busts since he taught us this.
It works today, and will for as long as capitalism and free markets are operating.
If only a thousand "children" of the Psychology of Longevity buy up SKGO stock,
the coming months and, more, the coming five to ten years may bring us profit.
Not five- or ten-baggers, rather, something quite a bit beyond that goal.
When a penny stock goes from a penny on up to a dollar, for example,
then you are talking about a return of one hundred times your start.
From a penny to four dollars is four hundred times initial buy.
Right now, SKGO is a good bit less than a penny per share.
If it returns to forty dollars per share, that's great.
If it "only" returns to three dollars or so per share,
that means several hundred times our money back.
We hope and aim to find one hundred such penny stocks.
Fifteen-cent stocks such as CCTC also look to be delicious.
If you can list 3 good reasons to buy this penny stock, buy it.
The Psychology of Longevity votes (and buys) "yes" on SKGO.