Shapelinks and ShapeTalk

Inside tip from so many masters and champions, so many winners and leaders,
that it becomes an automatic foundation of the Psychology of Shortcuts.

Without exception, the picture in your mind of a deed or level attained,
increases in likelihood of occurence every single time you see it done.
That means seeing it in your mind's eye before it CAN occur in life.
"Without exception" is a term best used only after years of truth.
Every time you create an image in your mind, still or moving,
you notably grow your own probabilities and guarantees.
That means it is independent of external appearances.
Very few things in life are quite as they seem to be.
That provides you with a head start at the outset.
Whatever time you have left is done your way,
or else it is first done the way masters do it,
providing you education to do it your way.
If you knew it better, you'd do it better.
Take a powerful tip from champions:
Use what you can already access;
it brings more than you guess.
Focus always on resolutions.
Predetermine where to go.
Decide where you begin.
Increase one percent.
Decide with power,
the rest is chatter.

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This is a prime function of the Psychology of Shortcuts.   What goes up...

Shapelinks may be tasty, and Shapelinks may be fun,
but clicking through the ShapeLinks here
will show you how it's done.

How to reach up for a single star,
with your name emblazoned to show how far
you were born to fly yet you were trained to die,
let this be the day that finds you reaching to the sky.
This is where your strength comes in, and shortcuts to success,
for Shapelinks bring you to yourself, your every action blessed.

Enjoy the Shapelinks. After all this IS the putative Shapelinks Capital,
with many thousands of deliciously interactive EyeCandy ShapeLinks.
Make the most of your today, because you truthfully do not know ,
nor can any rational mind know in advance, when death occurs.
That makes it all the more imperative to squeeze today.
You can easily begin doubling your results, and often.

ShapeTalk Capital

As you see, the Psychology of Shortcuts aims to be the ShapeTalk Capital.
Note that there is more than one purpose and benefit of ShapeTalk, as with most useful info.
While ShapeTalk does have visual appeal, remember and focus on the fact of multiple layers.
Like a template for the wisdom you can and do find when you invest the time to do so,
ShapeTalk carries multiple layers. Can you think of other benefits to ShapeTalk?

Do you notice, for example, that most ShapeTalk lines carry just one thought?
By separating them, we are better equipped to taken them in for processing.
The larger point is that ShapeTalk is one of many great examples to use.
"TO USE." Not merely to admire, as well to employ for your benefit.
If you really do want more, use more of what you have to get more.

That equation is coherent with the master secrets of the universe.
Whether you master them is entirely dependant on your choice.
Choose to act today as you did yesterday, and the day before,
and you will obtain the same results you are now displaying.
Embrace excellence for every little task and you will see.
You will see and know, for you will be living this secret.

Always look for additional benefits existing in everything.
ShapeTalk is one of HUNDREDS of benefits you find here,
hidden right in plain site through the Psychology of Shortcuts.
With love, from the ShapeTalk Capital Of At Least One Universe