Raising Your Intelligence With Shapetalk
In hope of raising your intelligence in mere minutes,
permit the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts to point out a stupidity.
It is a stupidity that you practice most every day you live and breathe.
If you have the intelligence to recognize your stupidity, your mind grows instantly.
Raising his I.Q. in tiny amounts, hundreds of times, MisterShortcut promises you can, too.
Reading a book per day for more than 15,000 days uncovers master secrets of the universe.
If your entire net worth was three to seven hundred dollars, how carefully would you spend it?
Is the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts correct in presuming that you will spend it all - invest it - carefully?
As long as this is a no-brainer for you, and only as long as it is, you will get the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts.
It is the greatest compilation and decoction of the greatest shortcuts of masters, millionaires, and champions.
For reasons which are no longer critical to you, you display exquisite stupidity with respect to your limited time.
When we fix this one life-stealing, profit-sucking stupidity, you will know how to multiply your results, repeatedly.
Were you down to seven hundred or four or three hundred dollars, you would think and plan very thoughtfully, hm?
Yet, here you are, proving that three to seven hundred dollars is more important to you than your limited months.
Here you are, quite likely down to your last three to seven hundred months of life, and how does a month pass?
Are you serious? You treat a handful of hundreds more preciously than a handful of hundreds of your months?
You are down to a few hundred, maybe seven hundred, and anything we are that low on needs special care.
Even if you sleep eight hours, (both unhealthy and wasteful), you still get nearly 1,000 discretionary minutes.
One great and effective shortcut is to simply track how you use a few thousand of your minutes, a life photo.
That snapshot will reveal how you are spending your life, especially when repeated over the course of a month.
If it were your last month, you would surely go to excess extremes, so, we can be thankful you have more months.
Then again, life itself is not guaranteed. Unless we choose our date of departure, we rarely get to know just when.
The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is your living invitation to recognize all those petty conversations as being among your greatest, most tragic thefts.
Take back and harness the single most preciously irreplaceable resource of your life, the seconds that you are now wasting by the thousands.
Learn to do more things using two hands. Developing more balance and strength, you also and quickly save thousands of precious seconds.
Better yet, when you do more things with both hands, your brain functions continue to develop, and at a rate that consistently yields more.
When you encounter Avenue of Hot Shortcuts PowerGems,  such as what you are ingesting,  be sure to find second, third, fifth meanings.

Nice to know you can make a difference
Corporate sponsors purchase 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people as a result of our free clicks.
When you click this food button and the one that pops open you save a human life... at no charge to you.
There is no more noble effort within the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts.   What goes around rarely fails to come back around.
All credit and thanks, and no small inspiration to TheHungerSite.com and, more, to you. Saving lives repeatedly is heroic.

The way I spend my minutes is the way I am spending my life

Is it not wiser to change spending to investing?

The payoffs are exponentially greater.

Ready for some more Shapetalk?

Who Is Raising Your Intelligence?

Raising your intelligence is not beyond you.
Raising your intelligence is mostly your choice.
Like a muscle, Raising your intelligence is exercise.
Is your brain less critical than any muscle you exercise?
You have the option of raising your intelligence by choice.
The more you exercise your mind, the smarter you tend to be.
You cannot raise your intelligence accidentally, only intentionally.
If you have ever known anyone to raise their intelligence, so can you.
Clean water, unheated oil, air-dried sea salt, simple fiber, QVial, and never eating, ever again, cooked food without HCL supplements.
At birth, you are issued the capacity to produce ten or twenty thousand full-size dosages of the acid that disinfects dirty foods we eat.
Oh so tragically, you do not eat cooked food occasionally, doing so habitually. So, by 21 to 30, you no longer produce full dosages.
More and more, you fail to digest well. The more cooked food you eat, the less HCL you have. Stupid doctors give you antacids.
That guarantees your earlier, suffered death, because there is no, and never has been, a mammal deficient in bodily antacids.
That acid of indigestion is lactic acid, caused by rotting foods as a result of not having sufficient hydrochloric acid dosages.
Shh. If your doctor prescribes antacids, your doctor deserves a punch in the face, or at least some measure of jail time.
Never take any one source's word for anything. Always learn from the horse's mouth, or get caught at the wrong end.
The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts urges you to stop spending all your most precious possessions, investing them instead.
If you have ever known anyone to raise their intelligence, so can you.
You cannot raise your intelligence accidentally. You understand?
Even memory of numbers or Pi or data raises your intelligence!
You have the choice of raising your intelligence every day.
Is your mind less vital than the muscles you exercise?
Like muscles, raising your intelligence is exercise.
Raising your intelligence is basically a choice.
Raising your intelligence is doable by you.
First your health, and then your wealth.

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Shapetalk Exegesis - Avenue of Hot Shortcuts

This is a bit of Shapetalk, in hope of boosting your chances,
because Life provides us only so many rounds, so many Sunday dances.
Shapetalk might often tease you, and Shapetalk may just as well please you.
Most of all the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts hopes, that Shapetalk will release you.
The bonds that hold you back are doubts, the traitors that Shakespeare wrote of,
and the greatest of secrets, PowerGems, that lie beneath Shapetalk, you may take a hold of.
The secrets of masters and millionaires, the shapetalk of champions and billionaires,
follow the Shapetalk, find what's inside, and maybe YOU'll be our first trillionaire.
The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is pleased to be the Shapetalk Capital of the World,
whereas the Psychology of Longevity vies also for that central Shapetalk spot.
So, via both the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and
Shapetalk presents many of the greatest master secrets of the universe.
They are hidden in plain sight to slow "bad guys" from learning them.
Your actions speak so loudly, we cannot hear much of what you say.
Even one new shortcut, used repeatedly, outproduces most people.
Today's date occurs but once in your life, so we need to get busy.
Embrace this Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Shapetalk, and win more.
Your life is meant to mean more than it is meaning to us now.
How you use wisdom inspires us more than what you know.
Find what you need inside many thousands of Shapetalks.
You might grasp why PowerGems hide within Shapetalk.
Only good guys tend to have the patience to find them.
Bad guys are in too much of a rush to seek meanings.
It is not likely they study as deeply as you can here.
Yes, sure, the bright ones catch the first of wisdom,
but the best of wisdom is rarely seen in first blush.
The hungry can learn to seek second meanings.
The hungriest learn third meanings, and more.
Thus, the question is, how hungry are Y O U?
No need to tell us with your mouth & words,
your actions speak louder than your words.
This day, more of your best actions, please

Avenue of Hot Shortcuts - Perceptions Of SweetDomains

Domainers, Domainists, and Domaineers, all collecting SweetDomains. These are some of what the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts considers SweetDomains,
perenially and perfervidly pursuing greater effective skills in helping people to help themselves, because the playing fields are not even enough.
Do not wait for the rich men to come down and offer a hand up. They are too few for the rest of humanity to await their pleasure or service.

The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts was born of loving to give free information, not cash money.
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The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is here for your life.
The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts demands the best in YOU
You are welcome to offer excuses for continued mediocrity, or offer ways you will change that.
Any time you find yourself in a disempowering state of mind, STOP, and breathe deeply,
clearing out your mind with the words, "Clear, clear." Try it, and see how it works.
In the past few decades, the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts has never seen it fail.
PLEASE stop pretending to know far more than those who do more!
Rather than cogitating on and forming opinion on, new ideas,
begin, today, employing more of the best ideas you learn.
Trial and error means you will correct along the way.
Self-correction is a most powerful way to learn.
How about taking a corrective step now?
Say something out loud, right now,
that will help to empower you.
It that easy enough to do?

By keeping the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity independent, without selling books, cds, tapes, etc.,
the independent credibility of both the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are protected, while serving.
As long as the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity exist in service, affiliate marketing is our suggestion.

Lee Iaccoca taught that the ultimate salesman/woman is not the guy or gal that makes the sale, for everyone can make a sale.
The ultimate salesman or saleswoman is the man or woman who gets repeat business...     ... delivering more than promised.

Since the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts delivers more than promised, here are some of the extra freebies we want to include.
Let your imagination run free on what else the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity include for free.
Every domain or website purchase from the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts - Psychology of Longevity includes freebies.

Healthiest-Websites.com -   Smart people embrace Psychology of Longevity HealthGems

Raising your intelligence and using alternative remedies go hand in hand. Alternative is really a misnomer.
The truth is that these modern-day patent-medicines sicken and kill far more than they have ever benefited.
When you put artificial nutrition into your body, you cannot except to have more than artificial health, hm?

Shapetalk Redux - Avenue of Hot Shortcuts

Share a cute bit of Shapetalk, in pursuit of your better chances,
embrace the best of your Shapetalk, before the end of your dances.
Shapetalk could certainly please you, Shapetalk might just as well tease you.
above it all the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts hopes this Shapetalk might release you.
The bonds that hold us back are such doubts, like the traitors that Shakespeare spake of,
the most potent of all secrets, PowerGems, found inside Shapetalk, you ought take a hold of.
These secrets of champions and billionaires, and the shapetalk of masters and millionaires,
are found within Shapetalk, see what it hides, perhaps YOU'll be our first trillionaire.
The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is thrilled to be the Shapetalk Capital of the World,
and yet, the Psychology of Longevity is vying for the coveted Shapetalk spot.
Thus, via both the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and
Shapetalk presents many of the greatest master secrets of the universe.
They are hidden, all in plain sight, for who perseveres to find and use.
Better to be silent, counted a fool, than to speak and remove doubt.
What you do speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you say.
Embrace this Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Shapetalk, and win more.
Look to the wisest, the most accomplished, the longest-lived.
These are all role models worth imitating, then refining on.
They live Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Shapetalk as a habit.
They breathe in Psychology of Longevity for a lifetime.
Raising your intelligence is among the most desirable of skills.
Raising your intelligence two times, and three times, proves a pattern.
Patterns and recipes are meant to be replicated by who commits to mastery.
So similar to growing muscles, raising your intelligence is about exercise.
Is your brain any less important than a muscle that you exercise?
You have the choice of raising your intelligence each day.
The more you exercise your mind, the brighter you prove to be.
There's no way to raise your intelligence accidentally, only by intention.
Do not even think to eat breakfast before doing ONE mental exercise, hm?
Everything helps, from water and air-dried sea salt, supplements, puzzles, etc.
No form of excellence can occur accidentally, including the development of mind.
Considering some of the people you know who have gotten smarter, so too, can you.
Research tips on boosting your brain power, you shall find thousands of free resources!
Shapetalks are crafted for you at the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity