Shapetalk to Shapetalk, this is your truth,
these are the Gems so archaically forsooth.
We cannot gainsay ShapeTalk,
for all that we might try,
for the wisdom 'neath the Shapetalk,
comes from from masters way on high.

No one knows the secrets, until they live them fully,
but, sadly, too few get to know these truths,
for they live under foot of the bullies.
Those who have written, their own epitaphs, tend to live lives much richer than most;
while most waste their lives, in tiny bites, never really told how great is the cost.
Shapetalk is included in the Psychology of Shortcuts for many reasons.
Some of those reasons you might easily guess, others not so.

That's because you conclude before you fairly cogitate.
You form opinions without material experience.
Raise your intelligence instantly by learning to speak less and do more.
It is so easy that you are most likely too profoundly blind to your truths.
Anything you do one hundred times is a task you may speak about confidently.
Any group of one hundred that you repeat ten times delivers consistent mastery.
Now that you have wasted hundreds of thousands of burning, blazing seconds,
let today be the first of one thousand consecutive days of proving your best.
Before the thousand days have elapsed, with every day just a bit better,
you are indisputably certain to be among the very best on the planet.
Please accept this ShapeTalk bit from the Psychology of Shortcuts,
from the first human to break/shatter hundreds of world records.
You are definably guaranteed to become a world-class master.
Let us now see the thousand best days of your life, Student.
Lastly, click on food buttons for these one thousand days.
When you save 1,000 animals and 1,000 human beings,
your mastery is showered with physical wealth, too.
Shh. Less speaking, and more doing, fair enough?