Suspend your opinions to heed and engage the Psychology of Shortcuts,
and, more particularly, your own customized sense of the Psychology of Shortcuts,
and in return the Psychology of Shortcuts one-conditionally guarantees you great wealth.
You are not the one exception in millions who is beyond possibility of faster wealth development.
Close your mouth and imitate the identical shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
By far, this is your fastest way to imitating the RESULTS of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
These shortcuts, universal shortcuts, are considered "PowerGems" by the Psychology of Shortcuts, for obvious cause.
Huge power in using the gems of life, those shortcuts that work approximately every time for most every human being.

Possibly beyond all others reasons that follow a need to feed starving humans, pets, creatures, occasional cur,
the Psychology of Shortcuts was crafted from a great desire to create something that cannot be debated.
All of our lives, people are all around us who always manage to find a reason why something is or isn't.
Few of us ever get to know that ninety-nine percent of our opinions are one hundred percent in error,
as they are based only on what other people told us, rather than on the solid basis of experience.
As stated, few of us ever get to know it because we use that time exclaiming that it's otherwise

The Psychology of Shortcuts comes out of smiling, happy determination to create the undebatable.
Achieving this almost certainly requires injecting wisdom that you have never encountered before,
or have proven either too this or too that to engage in as if the rest of your life depended upon it.
Thus, an early job for you is to suspend your opinion, in order to learn opinions of champions.
Unless you have interacted repeatedly with several thousands of masters and millionaires,
how can your opinion out-weigh the opinions of thousands of masters and millionaires?
The Psychology of Shortcuts is freely distributed via a thousand and more venues.
No axe to grind, few personalities are revealed at the Psychology of Shortcuts.
These are the game-changing secrets and shortcuts of masters, and more.
Embrace your Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity,
and see how they embrace you back, equal and opposite, in law.
The law of life is not always as fair as you might wish it to be,
so, the Psychology of Shortcuts helps to even things out.
The Psychology of Longevity promotes living to do so.

Poem For Pink Stocks and Penny Stocks

Pink stocks and penny stocks, we've got something to say,
the pink stocks and penny stocks you choose to buy today,
are the gold you will take out when you retire someday.
Pink stocks and penny stocks, all the world can see,
are microcosmic glances at what will be our history.
Buy Pink stocks and penny stocks, ten or twenty at a time,
in dollars or in stocks, remember... ten and twenty at a time.

Pink stocks and penny stocks, recommended here, we see,
because the pink and penny stocks, pay better, just to please.
Pink stocks and penny stocks, compensating rather generously,
weeding pink and penny stocks for all and yet no one still to see.

Does the Psychology of Shortcuts Recommend Lightly?
Do our pink and penny stocks recommendations fit all three needs?

Look up the recommendations, of the hottest pink and penny stocks,
and learn at least three reasons we praise THAT pink or penny stock.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is not here in any official capacities.
The Psychology of Shortcuts loves to even human playing fields.
No one here is telling you or even urging you to buy stocks.
If you are into pink sheets and penny stocks, so are we.

Since the Psychology of Shortcuts is fueled by genius,
it is believed that we will not pick 10 of 100 smartly.
The Psychology of Shortcuts may actually hit twenty.

So, for 2009 and 2010, penny stock recommendations.

The Psychology of Shortcuts has three criteria.
First, you must have three reasons to buy.
Pink sheets and penny stocks, it's time,
to speed up your own financial climb.
More pink sheets and penny stocks,
that is precisely what we look for,
because they tend to have fewer
obscene F A T C A T S drooling,
leaving YOU something more.

Pink stocks and penny stocks, sure,
there are surely plenty to go around,
Pink stocks and good penny stocks,
will save who began at ground.

That's so key and vital to pink and penny stock success.
Consider a stock that brings you ten times your money.
Eg: A stock going from one dollar up to ten dollars,
... against a stock going from one-tenth of a penny
all the way up to a penny... Need more be said?
One is more likely than another, you see,
with the risk factor lowered very well
by the simple act of diversification.
Instead of all money in one stock,
split it up into 10 or 100 stocks.
Diversification rewards well.
Pink sheets are, you know,
penny stocks for trading.
Our recommendation?
More penny stocks !!