What You Think You Know About Psychology of Shortcuts
Shapetalk To Help You Shake Your Shimmy Until It Matters

There already is a Psychology of Shortcuts inside of you.
That internal guidance system works perfectly for children.
It also works in you when answering questions from a child.
Any child asking you most any question, you have an answer.
More often than not, when thinking about it, you answer usefully.
Now, the Psychology of Shortcuts is just re-awakening the big you.
An objective is to aim your own Psychology of Shortcuts back at you.
The internal guidance system that works most every time it is focused.
This is a perfect time of your life to step things up a notch in your results.
One big way of the Psychology of Shortcuts to alter results is to alter effort.
It is a precious, delightful shortcut because it works for all people at all ages.
The more you focus, the more the Psychology of Shortcuts pays you dividends.
When we want a better result, we know we need to raise the quality of our effort.
The more times you focus, the more times the Psychology of Shortcuts rewards you.
Please stop pretending to have useful opinions on what you are not yet an expert in.
Three, just three new facts per day about a narrow subject, and your mastery multiplies.
You stick to learning at least three facts each day and you rapidly reach the highest levels.
How DARE those naysayers offer an opinion on something free and simple they never tried?
This Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGem works approximately every time you use it 100 times.
In 100 days, you know more about your personal issue than likely any M.D. on the planet today.

How many people know three hundred specific facts about a narrow issue? Well, you for one, right?
Today is Day Number _______ for you, and the Psychology of Shortcuts invites you to fill in the blanks.

One hundred days. Three new tidbits. Playing the piano, learning brain surgery, it is all much the same.
Either you focus or you do not focus, As you focus, you are exercising your own Psychology of Shortcuts.
Three new facts, three new notes or approaches, three new something, for one hundred days in a row.
Just the respect of time assures you of a life with a great deal more fullfilment, all one hundred days.
Only rare, special people can find ways to learn 3 new per day for one hundred consecutive days.
When you do, you will know you are becoming a master of your own Psychology of Shortcuts.


We Interrupt This Commercial For Some Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk

Although there should be no need to mention Shapetalk, let alone get involved in heavy discussions about Shapetalk,
or the scientific art of creating EyeCandy Shapetalk for both the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity,
which may or may not be the same as creating Shapetalk EyeCandy for these magnificent shortcuts resource sites,
there may be humor realizeable in figuring out that, well, how would the search engines know about Shapetalk?
Do you understand this? If the Psychology of Shortcuts presents Shapetalk EyeCandy without naming Shapetalk,
however would the search engines be able to discern what is Shapetalk, and what deserves Shapetalk listing?

Ergo, despite its unlimited value, Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk is not sold, Shapetalk is pure wisdom.
What kind of human being seeks to earn luxuries at the expense of people who can least afford to send?
While respecting that people rarely value what they pay for, there ARE some hungry humans out there.
Shapetalk contains one or more Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems, from people smarter than most.
Yes, there is something to be said about blowing one's own horn, touting one's skill in a specific area.
The primary governor you want to apply is only accurate when you deduct most of your opinion of it.
In other words, how good is your proof when compared to the admirable confidence you speak of?

Numbers speak the loudest, and are a high-speed tool for you to use in advancing one percent.
When you measure your performance, focused on going up by one percent, you taste mastery.
All you must do is repeat the tiny internal Psychology of Shortcuts one percent improvement.
Who does the best knows the best. They have the most vital opinion in the room they are in.
The act of focus itself, when you can repeat it, proves nascent mastery, the rest is net profit.
If your opinion outweighs a Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGem from masters, champions,
where, pray tell, are the traces of evidence that you have shattered many world records?
If need be, read each Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGem over again, until you know it.
PowerGems come from the people who repeatedly shatter world records, as can YOU.
Thus, Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk, akin to Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk,
humbly ask a few hundred thousand search engines to smile upon these Shapetalks,
EyeCandily expressed at the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity,
as every Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk is gratis,

provided you significantly do more to help the helpless.

Close of Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk number 987
Shh. Speak less, to do more. Help the helpless, you win.
This, too, is a Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGem for life.