The Psychology of Shortcuts Welcomes You Into Excellence - YOUR Excellence

Welcome to the single greatest winning streak of your entire life.
Accept assurance from someone who has proven to know better than you,
who has continued, day after day after day, to outdo you in most ways,
most all of them at world-class, not because of a difference in mind,
instead, a difference in use of mind. Choosing to conquer time.
Rather than seeing years and months and weeks and days,
the next eighty-six thousand seconds is what counts,
and how I'm going to apportion them to our needs.
Dollars are so easy to replace by but asking.
It is the one and only vital money secret.
Everything else devolves down to it.
The oldest profession on earth?
She had to ask for the sale!
The first salespeople?
They had to ask.
So do you.
If you knew,
you'd better do.
If you knew better,
you'd surely do better.
This is from those who do.
Masters and millionaires know.
Champions and billionaires know.
They do better, ergo they know better.
Individuality = personalizing others' success.
Stop being someone else's monkey; it looks bad.
You don't need to buy books or CD's, tapes or video.
You need not buy anything, because all you ask is free.
Twenty-four hours of living as eighty percent of the world does,
and you will return to your home with triple the wealth you left with.

So far, you've shown neither the training nor much inclination to understand this.
While that is to be lamented, the Psychology of Shortcuts empowers you to remedy this.
All that you ever wished for, all that you dreamed, is going to come true, faster and faster.

Make no mistakes about it. No human has ever broken this many world records, let alone in this many categories.
MisterShortcut did NOT read sixteen thousand books. He read a book or two per day for more than fifteen thousand days.

MisterShortcut did not create fifteen thousand pieces of digital art: he created dozens of pieces per day for a thousand days and kept the better ones. Although you need not work at that level, you do need, in this hour and minute and second, need to learn the instant power of being more aware of how many seconds you have left. It applies to your life or a seduction or a mastery of a set of tools or even just one instrument or paintbrush or any other tool. JUST COUNT! What you do ten or more times per day or even per week is what we can begin with. Those are the things you must improve by just one percent minimum with every repetition in order to begin rapidly developing world-class mastery, and more, self-mastery. Do you understand? If you're going to do it, do it well or trade it for another action that is repeated many times per day or per week or even per month or year. ANYTHING WORTH REPEATING IS WORTH REPEATING WELL. It is your turn to come upstairs with masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

MisterShortcut did not create millions of unique documents. He took many thousands of "best chapters," invoking the best that we observe humans demonstrating repeatedly... created up to a thousand or more versions of each, opened them all to customize, tweak, refine, amend, and of course, emend, one at a time... at extraordinary speed. That speed is not based on superhuman traits, it's based on diligent use of two precious resources: individual seconds of excellence in focus combined with technology, which is the product of someone else's minutes and seconds of excellence; and, of course, engaging powerful shortcuts... magnficently powerful shortcuts.

You claim to understand what synergy is, yet your daily actions prove, hundreds and even thousands of times that you refuse to embrace synergy, make use of synergry, engage in synergy, to participate in synergy, or to enjoy the fruits of synergy.

Tell us, why are there only about seven hundred and fifty thousand people in the U.S. making their full-time income by buying and selling from their home or office computers? It's ridiculously easy, and it's based on the PowerGem of one percent. Their goal and their job is to increase their total investment by just one percent. Whether they are buying and selling products or currency or stocks, any human who puts 15 minutes per day into learning about something important always and without fail learns well.

Did you know that some thirty-five million Chinese housewives trade currency on their computers... even though more than eighty percent are functionally illiterate? They cannot read! They cannot write out a shopping list, but they learn to trade currency on a computer!

What Are You Thinking ? !

Why are you not aiming even a bit higher?

The Psychology of Shortcuts unconditionally guarantees that you have excellence inside you.

This is NOT because of some rah-rah idea of love and encouragement. The Psychology of Shortcuts is about the science, the repeatable science of success in just about any and every known human endeavor. The Psychology of Shortcuts is certain of your excellence because you know how to tie your shoelaces. Beyond any other task that all humans learn, are taught, tying your shoelaces required two things:
1) a great deal of science regarding parabolic curves and tension and calculation and so much more; 2) hundreds and thousands of tries.

These two factors came together within you. Only when we do something hundreds or thousands of times can we pretend to mastery, let alone attain that level. That means there is a flip side, which is, in your case, working this same mathematically perfect formula backwards so you can live it forwards.

When we know in advance that these two human functions, i.e.: thinking in advance about what is being pursued, and pursuing it hundreds or thousands of times, we get to use this knowledge on purpose, working it backwards to live it forwards. Starting at the finish line, and working it back one step at a time, even an idiot gets to decipher what seemed complicated just a few minutes ago. It's fantastic, and it works at all ages, and it's among the most magical and obviously secret powers a human will know or use. Stop overlooking the super-tools right in front of you, often actually attached or found within you. Use more of what you have so you can attain and obtain more. You have been doing it backwards and we can prove it by your lack of mastery in at least a majority of all the things you do at least fifty to one hundred times per day or per week or per month or per year. Stop living backwards.

STOP LIVING BACKWARDS! Look at the people you have met who are, at the same time, remarkably dumb and just as commentably rich, and not inherited, either. These "idiots" do have one form of intelligence in that they know to knock on more doors, or knock on the door more times. Full-blown masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires are the people who knock on more doors more times per door.

With an absolute certainty that you can show and be excellence on fire in your efforts when you want to, since you struggled through dozens and scores and hundreds of "failures" in tying your shoes, and since you never gave up even when you created obnoxious and challenging knots -- knots which you also learned to undo -- we know that you can and surely need to move into your higher gears, your gears of excellence, because excellence is not a gift of birth or genius as you define it. Excellence is a choice. Excellence is the choice that the Psychology of Shortcuts is inviting you to make. Excellence. What a great choice! Congratulations!

Thousands With The Psychology of Shortcuts

What you do thousands of times is worth doing well.

Whether it's per week, per month, or per day does not matter; that's up to the individual and their needs, and their wants. What counts is the goal of increasing just one percent. When you prove that you can increase by one percent, and you do it a second time, you've proven that it was done as a matter of mind and personal commitment, stated out loud, that "I am." The third time you do it, you prove your own ability to produce a pattern, known by lesser mortals as a "recipe." Anything you repeat successfully has a tendency to make you feel good, empowering both the possibility and the likelihood that you will do it again; not merely that you CAN do it again, much more, that you actually shut up and repeat your earlier excellence. This is almost thoroughly disconnected from the concepts of "Rah-rah, you can do it." This is about the purely mathematical science of succeeding.

Increasing anything by one percent, with one hundred repetitions, yields more than double what you started with. Double anything ten times and you now have one thousand times what you started with. This works for ping pong and stock trading, one additional skillfully-placed nail, one more attempt to influence the behavior of someone important to you, and more. That's because, like all PowerGems, it's a universal shortcut; it works for any and every human trait.

Can YOU increase your performance in any of 32,000 identified human skills by just one percent?

What a stupid question.

OF COURSE you can increase one percent.
As well, it shouldn't take all that long.
Repeat that one percent just one thousand times
and you end up with one thousand times more.
Not plus one thousand: TIMES one thousand.

Whether it takes you a thousand weeks or a thousand days or a thousand hours,
is it not worth ending up with one thousand times what you started with?
Do not try to focus on enormous leaps. Start with just one percent.

Learning more has a wonderful way of leading to better living.
It is impossible to learn less about anything, so start by deciding what you are to be great at.

Develop more with what you already have, and your own interpretation of the Psychology of Shortcuts,
crafted and produced to help you help yourself, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 

These are the magnificent shortcuts of Masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of role models and great leaders,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.

Please. Enjoy the Psychology of Shortcuts.     It's free for your life.

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Excellence cannot happen by accident when we use the Psychology of Shortcuts

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Psychology of Shortcuts On One Hundred Percent Methods

The Psychology of Shortcuts Accepts One Hundred Percent Or Nearly So.
Of course, there IS always some chance that you know more than billionaires.
The Psychology of Shortcuts does not operate on chances or hopeful guesses.
The foundation of the Psychology of Shortcuts is the universality of shortcuts.
With all that it took to bring you to this time, place, moment in your life,
you are urged with the greatest imaginable enthusiasm of discourse
to please, instantly, and forevermore, raise the quality of thought.
Whatever you think most about,
you are moving closer to
Power is the use of this.

When you can just learn this one master secret of the universe,
wealth will quickly open itself to you easily, and for your life.
"For your life" has more than two meanings. Count them!
When you know in advance how to move to something,
you get to control your thoughts in advance of events,
which means you obtain control of your destination.
Destination is manifestation of your own destiny.
You control the outcome by controlling income.
Income can be thought, fact, or cold money.
Think bigger, and think better, on purpose.
Place your mind where you wish to be.
Do it more than anyone else does,
do it more than YOU have done,
and you will arrive at wealth.
.. at the Psychology of Shortcuts
of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Until you show it better, how can you know it much better?
Follow those who repeatedly do it the best, then add your flavor.
Until you have done something one hundred times, why opine?
Your words triple in value when you speak from experience.
The more successful that experience, and more repeated,
the more likely we will wish to grow up to be like you.
Words triple in value when experience drives them
Heed those who do, then add your perspectives.
You know that recipes work. Use a PowerGem:
Ask more people and ask each more times.
1000 repetitions will yield you your wealth.
100 times merely doubles your results.
You know better than billionaires do?
Shhh. Less talking, & more doing.
Those who do it, know, & teach.
Look for one hundred percent
Master secrets in Shapetalk.
No one can live it for you.
See power in Shapetalk.