Secrets of Success - Succeeding Faster With The Psychology of Shortcuts

Big Seeds To Plant
Shapelinks and Shapetalk.
Odes to Shapelinks and Shapetalk?
Shapetalk for this and shapetalk for that,
is this out from under some imaginary hat?
Shapetalk over here and shapetalk over there,
Shapetalk in multiples will take you anywhere.
Knowing where to go is how,
Shapelinks take us to higher ground.
Shapelinks show and shapelinks flow,
as their innovator has proven to know
. Shapetalk adds to the mix and how,
just to eschew any need to kowtow.
Shapelinks sell us, shapetalk tells us.
Wherever you find Shapelinks, smile.
When you find Shapetalk, walk the extra mile.
Every Shapelink, every bit of Shapetalk, has it.
When you know what it is, you will find so much of it.
The Psychology of Shortcuts, Shapelinks and Shapetalk Capital

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