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ShapeTalk From Your Psychology of Shortcuts,  with the Godfather of EyeCandy
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The truth is forever hiding, most often right there in plain sight,
or, as some have made fair note of, often right there in plane site.
Naturally, naturally. The more natural your approach is, on all layers,
the higher the probability of your succeeding in achieving good objectives.
Ultimately, your balance remains one of the three most important of all goals.
Resolving your concerns with natural approaches inevitably pays off a bit more.
First, learn about natural approaches. Then, make use of those natural approaches.
Then form your opinions and share them. Only experience carries the weight to teach.

Learning firsthand is always best. You'll enjoy it more than relying on other people.
Stop waiting for doctors and governments and teachers to answer all of your challenges.
It's not going to happen, as you can see by where we're at now, so make sure to learn more.
The more we learn, the stronger, longer, and happier we tend to live, according to those who do.
Apple cider vinegar, saw palmetto, hydrogen peroxide - learn about these things that work.
As soon as you start removing the metal toxins and flushing out others, you win.
You will find no less than a dozen benefits just from detoxifying a bit.
Small steps tend to extend the quality and quantity of your days.
Stop settling for less than what you're meant to enjoy in life.
Enough fresh water, vegetables, and that's half the battle.
Add a mouthful of lettuce or celery to all fatty foods,
and you'll see dramatic, life-saving changes occur.
This one paragraph can add thirty better years.
If you knew better, you would do better, hm?
These are the shortcuts of those who do.
The largest body of work by a human.
Five thousand years of creations,
nothing else comes even close.
All from the great masters.
Yours, mine, ours.
Let's learn.

Learn to wave your mouse around the Psychology of Longevity

ShapeTalk for health, as a matter of fact,
in order to rank high, with some degree of tact.
Shapetalk for health is about living life better,
by following the well-lived, if not to the letter.
ShapeTalk for health is your most critical call,
for ShapeTalk is found to be healthful to all.

Health tips and secrets, living better for longer,
these are all choices, and thinking otherwise...
you couldn't be wronger.
Sift a thousand health secrets and tips,
assigning each some number of pips.

Count up the measure of what you shall find,
and wisdom shall settle upon your growing mind.

Health tips and secrets for longevity, that means longer,
health secrets and tips, for doing so very much stronger.

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