Move, now, up YOUR ladder of life, with YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts.
When it comes to success shortcuts, it's hard not to laugh, repeatedly,
when you see that you are profusely surrounded by success secrets.
The best shortcuts of those doing it better are all around you, 24 x 7.

The first, largest source of all good luck is checked daily.
Any day, and certainly as a result, every day that you wake,
and discover that your arms and legs and brain are functioning,
you have achieved what millions of people around the world cannot:
It means you now have over eighty-six thousand opportunities in just this day..
Each and every second you possess, something that no amount of money can buy,
purchases for you an individual opportunity to fill that second with garbage or great quality.
MisterShortcut did not simply issue the greatest number of raises to employees who produced more.
Anyone and everyone walking in the door with smoke coming out of their nostrils, on fire to display excellence,
discharging heroic levels of effort, with occasional looks along the way to adjust aim at specific targets or goals,
these were and will always be the people most entitled to nice raises. Thank THEM for so many shattered records.
These are people who understand the smallest bit more than you have proven to understand right up to this minute.
Each day, you get eighty-six thousand separate opportunities to perform whatever it is you are doing with mediocrity or excellence.
As for what you have produced or not produced up until today, please look at the billions of human beings walking on the planet today.
Precisely or roughly how many of these billions do you figure are interested in what you did yesterday or how well you may have done it?
Please accept the most sincere assurances of the Psychology of Shortcuts that the number is narrow and small, indeed.
What you do today, however, may well be of intense fascination to entire swaths of news-starved vox populi

Forget everything that your math teacher ever taught you about percentages.
Using the Psychology of Shortcuts you are welcome to bend the nature of money.
Forget the thousand-dollar "sure-shot" get-rich-quick schemes. This minute is magic.
If you have one hundred dollars and you earn one percent each work sesion of 4 hours,
how much will you have after repeating this process one thousand times in several months?
Like most everyone, you've got the answer so wrong, it's funny. All you have to do is hush up and listen.
You keep telling us that you know better and still you refuse to show us better. Are you THAT special?
How many ways are there to successfully solicit your grasp that if you knew better you'd do better?
Before I show you why you are so desperately, even tragically erroneous on that math question,
the catch to being wealthy is to invest today, rather than consuming. Let it accumulate!
That math question is your life. Before you get to move up a notch, immediately,
first answer whether you personally are capable of improving one percent.
That's the alpha and the omega, darling, the first and last for you.
Improving by one percent brings you two different benefits.
First, you will remain surprisingly young for many years.
Who better than MisterShortcut to assure you of this?
Secondly, when you improve by one percent,
repeated precisely one thousand times,
your yield is one thousand times,
one thousand times as much.
How long will it take you?
Please do not tell us.
Choose to show us.
Or, much better,
show yourself.

Can you see that power in the Psychology of Shortcuts is a matter of YOUR choice?
The Psychology of Shortcuts does not win for you, it only helps you help yourself.
You can increase your skill or profit one percent in a day, a week, or a month.
Whichever you choose, within one thousand of those units, you are wealthy.
One percent, repeated one hundred times, more than doubles your results.
100 days or 100 months of the Psychology of Shortcuts can double YOURS.
Of course you are wealthy long before that, in what matters most of all.
That facet of wealth is not yet within your grasp, and it is quite okay.
The skill of self-discipline is the path to understanding this fully.
One percent is all you need to develop mastery and wealth.
One percent, repeated, IS your Psychology of Shortcuts.
With hundreds of broken and shattered world records,
approximately every one of which YOU can shatter,
MisterShortcut promises you that this works well.
Imitate those who do best to imitate the results.
With each, masters & champion showed how.
Are you smart enough to imitate champions?
What you do is louder than what you know.
Horse's mouth, or wrong end of the horse?
Those who do it the best know it the best.
Imitate the actions to imitate the results.
The Psychology of Shortcuts calls YOU.
You are invited to find YOUR masters,
those doing it much better than you.
They can help bring out YOUR best.
They are your ticket and shortcut,
your magical secrets of success,
YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts.
Don't ask if, ask them which,
which choice sounds better.
More will say "yes" to you.
Shh. Less talking, please,
and some more of DOING.

If you wonder why all the “ShapeTalk,” consider the several reasons.
Look at how many things are accomplished with each Shapetalk bit.

The Psychology of Shortcuts invites you to see beyond ShapeTalk.
Even as each thought or principle is separated one line at a time,
the totality of each Shapetalk example expresses legitimate art,
which, unlike most art, offers each individual a personal profit.
Look beyond the Shapetalk to find your effective PowerGems,
the true master secrets of a universe which we barely know.
Forget days, so you consider 1,440 minutes as opportunities.

Responding to more queries about Shapetalk, a very similar response.
If you wonder why all the “ShapeTalk,” cogitate on multiple reasons.
Look at how many discrete goals are attained with each Shapetalk.
First, the Psychology of Shortcuts is multi-introduced, so to speak.
Shapetalk catches the eye, so, Shapetalk yields a marketing tool.
As well, the predominant separation of thoughts with Shapetalk,
in itself serving multiple Psychology of Shortcuts that are vital,
makes it easier for us to grab each thought, one at a time, hm?
EyeCandy manifestation of left- and right-hemisphere activities?
Simply eyecandy bonuses for crafting the Psychology of Shortcuts.
It is also fair to include search engine considerations for Shapetalk.
The more effectively that the Psychology of Shortcuts deploys Shapetalk,
the more likely will be pleasing results for those who search for Shapetalk.
If you would, compare this particular Psychology of Shortcuts effort with yours.
If you are going to do something, willfully or not, you do get the final of choices.
You choose to act with mediocrity or with excellence, ala Psychology of Shortcuts.
As sure as the sun rises, your results tomorrow will be based on your efforts today.
We cannot repeatedly win through accidental means or vagaries of putative luck.
Wiser is the one who knows that L.U.C.K. is laboring under correct knowledge.
Look inside EyeCandy Shapetalk to find YOUR most effective PowerGems,
the great and proven universal secrets of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Just as you first imitate a recipe, a map, a blueprint, plan your life.
YES, life will throw adversity your way, and you will win more.
Find in each shapetalk whatever is best suited to your life.
Counting 1,440 minutes counts more than counting days.