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Help the Psychology of Shortcuts to help feed starving folks - NO CHARGE

Food makes a difference
Did you ever imagine you could feed people without spending your money?
Again and again, the Psychology of Shortcuts finds the best free opportunities.
It is now a fact, thanks to TheHungerSite and their generous, meritable sponsors.
The Psychology of Shortcuts employs their generosity to help you to help yourself.

Companies that give tend to thrive, and these giving sponsors prove it through action.
They buy 1.1 cups of staple food with free clicks at (no relation to us).
If you believe that there is anything more noble than saving lives, your education is deficient.
Newton's Third Law teaches that every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction.
So, when we click this food button and the one that appears, a life, a creature, is saved, no cost to you.
This is a central function of the Psychology of Shortcuts.   What goes around tends to come back, doesn't it?
Save a hundred, or a thousand lives in, say, 100 days, and see how your Psychology of Shortcuts rewards you.