Secrets of Success In ShapeTalk - Succeeding Faster With the Psychology of Shortcuts

Psychology of Shortcuts.

Every day that you fail to move into your best mode is a day that contains no refunds.
Every day you choose to improve even a bit, you have no call or need for a refund.
When we complete our own accounting, we still have an external accounting.
At the end of every life there is going to be some measure of reckoning.
You are the only human who determines how to account for yours.
Only you know if money or charity or knowledge will be yours.
Since there is going to be a final sentence writ about you,
summing up how you will be remembered forever,
why not be intelligent and write it in advance?
You do so with your daily totals repeated.
Your minutes are subtotals of your life.
If you knew more about this life,
you'd do more with this life.
Heed those who do.

Start right this minute.
Find one person doing it better.
WHATEVER you want to be better at,
find those who are masters and champions.
They are inevitably your best source of information.
Let's face it: if you are not getting it from the horse's mouth,
maybe you're spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse.
The simple decision to perform each tiny and titanic task a bit better is all.
This one shortcut is absolutely guaranteed to revolutionize every result in your life.
With regrets for brutality: if you knew better, you would do better. Today, you can and will.

Designed to add just one percent to your internal engine, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

Use the Shortcuts of Masters and millionaires, shortcuts of champions and billionaires.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is free for your life because you're worth it.
Be good enough to validate such powerful belief in you.

the Psychology of Shortcuts Counts On YOU You you

How is it that you choose to ignore the enormity of profit in the power of one percent?
Anything you do better by just one percent assures you of doubling in 100x or less.
The secrets of success surround us, and yet you seek to buy secrets of success.
Give your careful attention to the words and actions of those who succeed.
You are assured of seeing common traits among millions of experts.
Yes, millions. Masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
We have millions of millionaires doing better than you.
Whatever narrow interest excites you the very most,
whatever it is that may cause your boat to float,
that is where you need to seek out masters.
Every field of human effort has masters.
They have the best secrets of success.
They live your secrets of of success.
Speak as they speak, repeatedly,
and do as they do, repeatedly.
Mimic the action and result.
It is quite that simple,
every time you try.

Less talk, more action.

The secrets of success illuminated by the Psychology of Shortcuts work nearly every time.
Using them one hundred or more times each is what guarantees you faster, better, enormous results.
The secrets of success must be spread across the world to engage global success, faster, surer.
Use the Psychology of Shortcuts all you wish to benefit yourself as long as you share.
Who you share with is up to you, the Psychology of Shortcuts aims for the poorest,
those who cannot help or even feed themselves. A good place to start? Indeed.

By the way, you knew the Psychology of Shortcuts as a child.
If you were even moderately sharp, you engaged the Psychology of Shortcuts many times.
You became socially and sexually aware of yourself at all new levels when you entered adolescence.
From that point on, you effectively deserted the Psychology of Shortcuts, and your best secrets of success.
Today, you are reminded over and over again that the best secrets of success are already stored inside of your mind.

the Psychology of Shortcuts teaches that feeding starving folks is a secret of success
the Psychology of Shortcuts Counts On YOU You you
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In the arena of success secrets, the Psychology of Shortcuts.assures you that giving is a high priority.
Sorry to sound corny, and it's still true: giving is a huge secret of success,
because what goes around does indeed come back around.

The widely-accepted secrets of success are here for you.
The greatest secrets of success have hardly changed over the centuries.
The best source of the secrets of success are, naturally, very successful people.
If you do not get it from the horse's mouth, maybe you're at the wrong end of the horse.
The great secrets of success do not cost money, and do require books, tapes, videos, and CD's.
You will find the greatest secrets of success among those who practice the great secrets of success.

That's not simplistic. Look for those who are doing it much better than you. THEY know the secrets of success.