Secrets of Success Primer - Psychology of Shortcuts

Secrets of success, trade out the secrets of success,
when this day is finally counted,
count me in with those who do best.

Greater secrets of success,
as demonstrated by great champions,
utilized more times each and every time around,
elevates your results right up off the ground,
when repeating the greatest secrets
proven solid and sound.

The secrets of success, in all their dawning, morning glories,
can reverse YOUR spate of reversals that can catch you by the pound.
The greatest secrets of success, all laid out here to build YOUR story,
are what we seek to emulate, when it's your better side aborning.

Secrets of success will come in flavors of black and white,
secrets of success are where you do what you know is right.
Clean strokes are the juiciest, and that's a secret of success,
best to learn it right up front, to learn how you beat the best.

Keep on the straight and narrow, with great focus on success,
for now the minute arrives when you can outperform all the rest.
Not the rest of humanity, dear student, only inside need we look,
it's topping the rest of what you have done, doing it all by the book.

You might thank Sir Isaac for his third rule of truth,
translated, it tutors us, that actions return unto you.
So send out what you want in secret,
shout it out quite as loud as you can,
as long as the secrets of success are repeated,
your life will show that they all do you proud.

When the Psychology of Shortcuts says, "Secrets of Success, it is nearly an understatement.
Secrets of success invoke asking more people more times each, the most powerful of all shortcuts.
The secrets of success invoke offering choices rather than mostly ineffective "yes" or "no" questions.
The secrets of success invoke using two hands to more than double what you do with one hand alone.
The secrets of success invoke the fantastic shortcut of merely imitating those who are doing it better!
The secrets of success invoke imitation of recipes before, before, just doing it "your" way.
The Psychology of Shortcuts aims to be the greatest place to find the secrets of success.
Employing shortcuts and secrets of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires,
The Psychology of Shortcuts shares the most powerful secrets of success of all time.
Not one of your opinions, not even one of them, has value prior to experience.
When you have done it successfully a hundred times, and better than most,
you prove to know the secrets of success used by masters and champions,
the secrets of success shared across the Psychology of Shortcuts, et alia.
Speak less and do more.   Live out  Y O U R  Psychology of Shortcuts.