QRA Wisdom
QRA Shapetalk

Psychology of Longevity Secrets.
QRA practitioners lined up in a row,
QRA practitioners show truth to know.
How about SECONDS, or maybe a minute,
to see for yourself how QRA simply helps it,
the situation that might have seemed "gone,"
addressable as if QRA were some magic wand.
Nothing, but nothing you have ever encountered,
nothing you have learned or even heard of before,
can possibly equal QRA in accuracy, or instantaneity.
Even better, if that is possible, you can use QRA for life.
Indeed, "QRA for life" has multiple meaning, and benefits.
As with everything scientifically viable, certifiably reproducible,
the following rule is what will protect QRA from the money-grubbers:
Your opinion has no value whatsoever prior to knowledge and experience.
The first time that any of nearly a thousand trained QRA practitioners tests you,
you are going to be "wowed" in direct relation to your intelligence and education.
In short, the smarter you are, the better educated you are, the more you are shocked.
Make no mistake by thinking that QRA is a muscle-testing, because it is not kinesiology.
As good and useful as kinesiology is, it is HUGELY subjective, and too-easily manipulated.
QRA is a test of your electrical system, and is immensely, safely more precise than any other.
Nothing you have ever seen in your life is so amazing as any effective session of QRA testing is.
When you hold any two fingers in an "o-ring," you simply have someone gently pull them apart.
You are now perhaps twenty-five percent of the way to being an amateur QRA practitioner. Wow!
It is not a contest, only a measurement of approximately how much it takes to pull the o-ring apart.
When you determine what it takes to pull your fingers maybe 1/4" or so apart, that is your baseline.
Now, point two fingers across the street at the building, and then have the fingers get pulled apart.
If the building has good vastu, meaning good energy grid beneath the ground, you see prosperity.
If your fingers easily come apart, WAGER that the tenants of that building do NOT enjoy prosperity.
The accuracy of this test, so far, in the most recent few hundred tests done, no less than 100 percent.
If you think you are smarter than the smartest and most accomplished people, you might think again.
Whoever does the best knows the best; everyone else needs to silence their opinions and speaking.
When you put your two fingertips, with pressure, against, oh, say, just above between your eyes,
you are going to energetically test, NOT muscularly, the state of energy of your pituitary gland.
Your fingers get pulled apart before, to find your baseline, and after, to test strength of gland.
It works with organs, glands, tissue, even identified functions of the system, superlatively.
As with everything great in life, there are "catches" to effective QRA, so learn them.
First, you cannot do QRA testing alone, at least not yet. Four hands are required.
Secondly, the person who pulls the o-ring apart must be strong at GV20 point.
Governor Vessel 20 is the main electrical, energetic line serving your body.
When you are strong at GV20, which is located at the vertex of your head,
your brain is strong, and provably free of subjective influence on testing.
There are a large number of ways to ensure that GV20 point is strong.
Placing QVial on top of the head for a single second is one of many.
If you have your o-ring tested beforehand to establish a baseline,
and then grab a bit of food, bang it on the table 4 or 5 times,
and then, quickly, hold the food at arm's length   test now.
You are now about halfway to being a QRA practitioner.

QRA testing must be more vital to your life than any other.
No test that a member of humanity has come up with,
nothing we have even imagined, approaches QRA.
Unlike any other test, QRA tests electrical lines,
energy that runs through your body wiring.
There is more wire just within your body,
than you can find in any city, worldwide.
Learn QRA, for yourself, for your family.
Learn QRA to alter the rest of your life.
QRA Shapetalk is like other Shapetalk,
where goals and meanings are many.
Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk,
helping you to help yourself,
so you are better-equpped,
to help the helpless.
Less talking, hm?
More doing.

One hundred percent of opinions that are not based on personal experience are toxic.
Learning to utterly repudiate opinions of people who are not experts exercises mastery.
Worse than coming from stupid people, they are from those who know not they are stupid.
If you have an opinion of QRA, and no experience of QRA, the opinion proves your stupidity.
Plus, the smarter, more educated the person, the more stunning is the simple accuracy of QRA.
This is easily among the ten greatest things you will ever learn in your life. Learn it, and know it.
If you seek to understand and to use recognize QRA as a five-star treat.
Learning QRA is ridiculously easy. Make an 0-ring, have someone see how much it takes to pull it open.
If your fingers come apart more than a quarter of an inch or so, the item you are holding has little energy.
When your fingers cannot easily be pulled more than a quarter inch (or so) apart, the item has high energy.
The Psychology of Longevity assures you that you can rapidly confirm this with a Brix Meter, and other ways.
Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), B-DORT, or even lesser-accurate kinesiology,
are effective ways to learn more about the energy of items you propose to have near or inside your body.
Learn more so you can live more. The Psychology of Longevity is a way of imitating those who do best.
QRA practitioners provide utility that no non-QRA practitioner of any discipline can come close to.
The best QRA practitioners are happy to take the few minutes it takes to teach you more QRA.
This Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk is sharing some of the most vital info of your life.
If you cannot outrun fast children one half or even a tenth your age, learn about QRA.
If you have not broken or shattered physical records, you NEED to learn more QRA.
The Psychology of Longevity assures you that QRA is even good to test buildings!
Have your 0-ring tested to see what it takes to pull it, oh, a quarter-inch apart.
Now, point your first two fingers right at any close building, and test again.
When your fingers stay apart, the building has low vastu, little prosperity.
When your fingers stay together, long-term tenants enjoying prosperity.
The Psychology of Longevity shares the greatest master secrets of life.
Psychology of Longevity hopes you enjoy and learn in this Shapetalk.