Reaching...     for   the   best   in   you.     Who   knows   better  than  Masters and Millionaires? 
What you know means very little in the face of what you do with what you know.
Actually, what you DO speaks so loudly you need not say a word.

The Psychology of Shortcuts reminds you of the power of doubling.
Any number that you double ten times gets three more zeroes.
Repeating this one fantastic process multiplies your sums,
The greatest of all your money and wealth PowerGems.
This is a PowerGem that multiplies wealth repeatedly.
If you knew better, you'd surely do better, hm?
Instantly begin doubling your wealth, now.
Start with just ten percent. That's easy.
You can repeat it ten times to double,
or you can even start at one percent.
and repeat that tiny little step.
100 repetitions of 1 percent?
Indeed, that is a doubling.
Anything you double ten times
gets three more zeroes added on.
Call it a single "cycle," the ultimate of money cycles.
Ten percent per month means doubling every ten months.
In one hundred months you will have six zeroes added on.
So someone starting with a thousand dollars is a billionaire.
One hundred months is too long? That's eight years. Don't be silly.
If you're in that much of a rush, learn how to earn ten percent a bit faster.     Mister-Shortcut.US     Success-Shortcuts.US     MrShortcut, net

It does not cost you a dime to smile when you don't feel like it. Watch what happens when you do.

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There is no more noble effort within the Psychology of Shortcuts.   What goes around....

Shortcuts - PowerGems


That's what PowerGems are.
The best shortcuts of all time.
Shortcuts used by masters and champions.
Shortcuts used by millionaires and billionaires.
These are the shortcuts of those who do it better, repeatedly.
Every human effort has shortcuts. First, find those who are the best.
They are the ones who - without exception - prove to have made the most mistakes.
Shortcuts are the actual lessons learned from the greatest and most-repeated of our mistakes.
Shortcuts are the magnificent way of bypassing much of the trial-and-error process all humans experience.
Never mind next year or next month: learn to skip to work today and you get fantastic results by tomorrow morning.
Electrify your every minute by comprehensively understanding that each minute brings you closer to the finish.
Shortcuts give you the enormity of leaping forwards many steps with the use of one single powerful effort.
Shortcuts such as asking more people more times each, and offering choices instead of "yes" or "no."
When you say the notes or chords out loud as you play them, singing them as you play them,
you outstrip yourself repeatedly in learning to become a master of that instrument.
This does not work sometimes; it works all the time, or very close to it.
That's what makes a PowerGem such a wonderful gift of the universe.
PowerGems are universal shortcuts, that work nearly always.
By using great shortcuts one hundred or more times,
increasing just a tiny one percent each time,
you assure yourself of a doubling.
For the majority of humans,
it takes less than 100x.

It's so easy to move up the ladder of life.      Use more of your shortcuts; good, solid shortcuts.