Accelerating wealth with the Psychology of Shortcuts

On the one hand, a primary job here is to help you get wealthy, as quickly as is feasible for you, personally.
We can fairly define wealth as knowing how to double your repeated results every one hundred days or so.
On the other hand, the Psychology of Shortcuts is not meant for those with the "getover" mentality,
where the incessant goal proves to be an attempt to advance at the direct expense of another.
The Psychology of Shortcuts aims for those who are okay with sharing outwards.
The sense of entitlement rages among those least worthy of entitlement.
I will personally coach you to wealth, at no direct charge to you,
outside of an expectation for you to clickthrough each visit.
Because your increases shall tend to be rapid, decisive,
half of your new wealth is fairly assigned to me.
Do not send me money, not now and not ever.
Money is no more than a joke for lesser folk,
who believe money's worth more than time,
casting away many thousands of minutes.
Earn your annual income in just months,
re-investing the remainder into yourself.
Each year, the process gets much faster.
Thousands of you have already done it.
Now, you shall learn to double results.
Bring out the best within you, rapidly.
Your minutes can chat with nondoers,
your minutes can be invested into excellence.
Stop telling the world that you could or would if.
This is your reality. You do control most of your reality.
Look around you, at all the people looking for a reason to get mad.
They are dumber than bricks. Save your time: avoid them assiduously.
They're just aching for a reason to be offended, becoming the aggrieved.
So desperate for attention, they care not for the tolls they take on the innocent.
Their interests rarely exceed their own. Be with people looking for reasons to smile.
Good thing you didn't wake up in a jungle finding yourself with no food and no water,
surrounded by hundreds of other villagers in the same tragically deprived conditions.
They and their children are dying today at the rate of more than a thousand per hour.
It is not laziness causing them to defecate themselves to death, day by day by day.
It is the direct result of the greedy who believe 1,000 is needed where 100 will do.
It is the result of a lack of raw resources, lack of opportunity, to feed themselves.
When we do not reach out to help save their lives, they and their kids surely die.
The only question asked a minute after you die is, "Who did you feed today?"
This is not an opinion of the Psychology of Longevity. It is fact of our lives.
I promise to help you double your income, as many times as you wish.
You must in return share my half of all new profit with the helpless.
The only exception are dollars directly re-invested in your growth.
I've broken or shattered many records, including world records.
Now I seek to shatter all records for soliciting your assistance.
I promise you an eternity of good repute and rich rewards.
Newton proved that every action comes back precisely.
I speak on behalf of the greatest forces of the universe.
You do not know better than Sir Isaac Newton did.
You can profit from his advance knowledge today.
Acting on what you know is the secret of wealth,
a selection of choice that changes your forever.
Stop telling us what you know; we can see it.
We can all see by what you are doing today.
You're now wasting or you are investing.
 Your time is worth more than money.
Choose heaven now, helping them,
who can't help themselves, now.
Everything is about your today.
You never know which day,
when YOU get asked,
"Who'd you feed?"
... today...







Shapetalk for you, shapetalk for me, none of it sad or desultory.
Shapetalk to take us to a better place, where we wring out more smiles, from your pretty face.
Shapetalk will always guide you in wealth of the measure of brains as important as health.
Shapetalk is just a gimmick of sorts, a way to attraction your attention.
If shapetalk should win a dozen races, it has achieved self-honor,
fulfilling its intention.

Meet me at the corner, down by the station,
let's use this Shapetalk to rebuild a nation,
a nation still reeling from all that could be
only in the worst of what dark mindsdream.
Shapetalk might tease you, incense and yet please you,
Shapetalk may carry you through... still it all comes to nought,
when the balance is blown, it's not quite the same as real, home-grown.

So, don't let it happen, keep balance afloat,
may the Shapetalk add just enough ballast to your boat.
Keep things as even as your one, true Steven,
even at the risk of a hard-working season.
Shapetalk is here, shapetalk is there,
Shapetalk's been planted

Imagine taking that three thousand, five thousand, twenty, whatever you thought you'd spend on that diamond,
and instead of a useless trinket that may be stolen, robbed, chopped, lost, or sold for pennies on the dollar,
you bought a whole-life insurance policy, paying two or three or twenty thousand dollars, in advance,
and hand the paperwork over to your beloved and say the following irresistably romantic words:

Darling. I love you and wish to have many children with you, who are going to be expensive.
With this paper, I have planted enormous seeds for the education of our first two kids.
With this paper, we ensure that, twenty years from now, fifteen if our kid is a genius,
he or she will be able to afford any college or university anywhere in the world.
I love you that much, and want you to be the mother of all of my children.
Will you marry me, sweetheart?"

What kind of girl would rather have a useless bit of dangerous, blood-drenched glass or carbon?
What girl would rather have a diamond ring than a rock-solid, locked-in-the-insurance-company-bank,
a guaranteed future for at least two children, with the likelihood that this little trick may be pulled off repeatedly?
Do you want to marry a girl who would mortgage the three-hundred-thousand-dollar education of your kids for a toy?
If so, go ahead, the Psychology of Shortcuts is not likely your cup of tea. This is for folks who live beyond themselves.
All that you wish and all that you see, is a function of your educational history. What you want tells us plenty.
Personally, there is a feeling of obligation to continue paying attention to the best of all my teachers.
Without exception, an element of service, and the nobility that lives therein, was passed on.
Since I believe that all of my best teachers, from Prof. J.R. Ewing to Artie Marzigliano,
from Monsignor Kellogg to Sun Tzu, the hands-on teachers, and those of history,
uniformly and without exception know more about life and success than you do.
Therefore, it is my intent to pay more attention to their suggestions than yours.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is a compendium of the ways of masters,
the champions who produce world-class results repeatedly.
At the horse's mouth, or at the wrong end of the horse?
If you like, join me, learning to imitate masters,
imitating their words, actions, attitudes.
So far, many shattered records.
If you really know better?
Please, show me first.

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At the bottom of all our pages, there is the Psychology of Shortcuts.
At the end of every life, there is the Psychology of Longevity.
Whether we use them or not is a daily choice - repeated.
Whatever your best decisions, repeat them mightily.
They are the story of your life, a bit at a time.
Great daily decisions, countlessl repeated.
This is one great secret of success.<

BE the Psychology of Shortcuts.
LIVE the Psychology of Longevity.
Drink fresh water every time you wake up,
mixing in at least some drops of lemon, lime, or orange.
This cleanses the liver and dissolves some of the fat you've got.
Live longer and stronger sticking to the simple, proven Psychology of Shortcuts.