Forbes Thought Of The Day “ Opportunity rarely knocks until you are ready. And few people have ever been really ready without receiving opportunity’s call. ” — Channing Polloc The 10 Top-Earning Celebrities Over 50 The young stars in Hollywood might get most of the attention, but the older generation gets most of the money. The top over-50 celebrities earned a collective $1.2 billion. By contrast the top-earning under-30 crowd earned only $506 million. Our estimates look at earnings between June 2009 and June 2010 Pleasing as it has been to serve in some tiny ways, 29 of the best in the world need occasional feeding and watering, there is an urgent hope that you perceive some value delivered, freeing us all up for the hottest endeavors. To that end, we have taken on commitments through the next 140 to 155 days, and will be thrilled, B'zret Hashem, to come serve you again. If there is any tweaking needed between now and then, please notify immediately, that your will be done, chuckle, chuckle. NEXT: How he burns through half a million and more in record time is attributable to a never-ending rapaciousness for narrow focused knowledge on every technique and device that proves to work consistently. That he goes years at a time without a new shirt has always intrigued, hence, these years of service to his efforts. He is coming to understand that there is an urgency of cleft palate and starvation impelling my fuller intentions and attention. This letter is a request to pass this fine case on to your good hands, most of all because of the latent potential to affect billions of lives, particularly for the have-nots. Ezra, your patience, and judicious investment into this man can deliver more inventions and innovations than you may have glimpsed just yet. It is without trepidation that exciting new inventions are handed over to him, adding to his own growing pile of significant developments. There is enormous potential for you on a range of layers obviously important to you. Your actions speak loudly enough that words of praise can only be frills. Admittedly, his operation is like a bottomless pit, and will likely remain so until proper facilities are established for all of those magnificent inventions and new technologies, and those still to come. His stored devices alone can be bringing massive benefit to people, but he has no room to properly operate. A fifty-dollar hammer sitting on the shelf can build no doors or closets or houses, can it? Oliver Wendell Holmes was such a super-mentsh, and after a rich career, including many years as Associate Justice sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, he said, "It is a shame that here in America we waste our natural resources by using too many of them, but it is of infinitely, infinitely greater tragedy that we waste our human resources by using too few of them. For whatever value it hopes to hold for you, my opinion is that a giant lurks beneath the idiotic Israeli-ness of our stubborn Doc, and that negative set has also served VERY positively towards problem-solving and effective therapies. We get people like him a dozen per generation, and, with your connections alone, are better-suited to help them. Only one of us picked up the tab for 310,000 of the best billable hours. NOTHING speaks as loudly as results. Defraggler - Ultimate Disk and File Defrag ultiamte greens, is what we want to say, the ultimate greens can save your hair today. Ultimate greens drink, that ultimate greens drink,
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