Shapetalk, ey?
Hear ye, hear ye, Shapetalk here, shapetalk there, the Psychology of Shortcuts on why Shapetalk dares!
Shapetalk is presented to help you all along, with Shapetalk you will find that you rarely go wrong.
It doesn't mean you do not make human mistakes, it simply assures you that Shapetalk is a break,
from people around you always finding what's wrong, instead of using what makes you strong.
Shapetalk contains master secrets and more, to prove to the world what YOU have in store.
Shaped by a master-in-training each day, refinding and combining the best of all ways.
Shapetalk is here and shapetalk is there, no matter the task, or what time, or where.
Shapetalk sharing shortcuts, Shapetalk rich with shortcuts, hm, catching on at last?

Shapetalk is also intended to show us, quite how YOUR die have been cast.

The Psychology of Shortcuts welcomes you to the best in and of you.
You employed plenty of these powerful shortcuts when just a child.
By puberty, you cared more for opinions of others than your own,
inexplainably dropping the greatest of your shortcuts & secrets.
Of all that is inexplicable in life, avoiding shortcuts is included
That's not your best move, is it?
Fortunately, we can pick up,
sure, pick up where we left off,
when knowledge came in without color,
when you thought before deciding a question,
rather than deciding before thinking, as you do now.
If you want to taste the best in life, bring out the best in you.
Everything you do can be done with mediocrity, or with excellence.
The funniest thing about obituaries is that we write our own, years in advance,
and yet no one ever tells us this until we have already written most of it... with our actions.
What you do day after day speaks so loudly we can hardly hear a word you are saying, day after day.
Lift your brain instantly. Learn that how you spend your minutes is how you spend your life, becoming smarter.

The Psychology of Shortcuts is a living reminder that when you try less, you get less; when you try more, you get more.
When you ask five times, when you ask ten times, you have some chance of obtaining what you want.
Asking several hundred thousand times assures you of receving far more than you have now.
I asked a thousand people to click on the food buttons, and some of them did.
I asked ten thousand people ten times each, and some of them did.
When I asked a million people 10x each, most of them did.
Save time. Suspend opinions, most are worthless.
Only great knowledge & experience count.
Engage here YOUR university time.

Welcome to the Psychology of Shortcuts,
ShapeTalk Capital of the Worldwide Web.

P.S. One of the many fruits yielded by PowerGems and Shapetalk is the river of food you serve.
Thanks to you, the Psychology of Shortcuts and associated MisterShortcut sites, in the first eight years,
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YOU are the most wonderful people in the world, and you continue to save millions and millions of lives.
As well, kudos and more business to the wonderful sponsors of this greatest food drive of all time.
The Psychology of Shortcuts has millions of backlinks to these wonderful, empowering pages.
Those who subscribe to the winning principles of the Psychology of Shortcuts are the best.
No human escapes the power of "what goes around must come around," to YOUR profit.
Hundreds of millions of separate "mitzvahs," good and great deeds of unselfishness.
YOU share the benefits of Newton's 3rd law of physics each time you clickthrough.
Consider the impact of hundreds of millions of cups of food - and still growing!
Thank you - hundreds of millions of times over,
one click at a time. each one is a life saved,
human, animal, sea creature, rain forest,
thank you hundreds of millions of times,
one "thank you" at a time.
With much love,