Welcome to the Psychology of Shortcuts.
As well, to the Psychology of Longevity.
The results of your life change profoundly here.
If it has not been made clear to you before now,
let today be one of the rare days you remember forever.
You are invited to comprehend the basic foundations of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.
Unlike you, the Psychology of Shortcuts is neither skeptically unaccepting, nor spongefully absorbing, as you are.
You might begin learning how to think critically, and therefore FAR more successfully, and more often, with a trick.
Each time you discuss something that is abhorrent to you, pretend for sixty full seconds that you fully embrace it.
Take it to the level of a master in training, by stating legitimate reasons to fully endorse that opposite position.

Natural Cures - Health and Cures

Natural cures are why we're all here, natural cures, to take back the natural years.
Following the rules of longevity we find throughout and elsewhere,
we all have the natural right to choice, and using medical cures before natural cures is one of them.
Even if the Psychology of Longevity believes that only a genuinely insane person would do such a thing,
we all have the natural right to make our own choices with respect to what we believe will cure us.
If, for example, you are religious, it is almost natural to believe that God may well cure you.
Wiser people reach for the natural cure first. Doesn't God help those who help themselves?
Whatever cure you reach for, you can bet your final minutes that natural cures are safer.
Learn more to live more, naturally. Begin YOUR cure by learning about natural cures.
The Psychology of Longevity finds most everything but death to have natural cures.
Always remember, in all that you do: If you knew better, you would do better.
This one magical master secret of the universe will serve you for decades.
Anything I see of interest where someone is doing it better than I do,
I invest at least a thousand seconds every day of my life doing it,
learning how to get at least one percent better with repetition,
always looking for that tiniest of improvements to use again.
Natural cures fit into this master secret of the universe.

Stop eating foods prepared by people who don't love you,
because it's one of the signs of unmitigated stupidity.
EVERY human who does, suffers its consequences.
That's a natural cure itself: Living your life with care!

Natural Cures - Psychology of Longevity Concluding Thought

There's no urgency for you to learn ten natural cures at a time - start with one natural cure.
Arabo-galactin, often sold as "galactin," when it's a good quality, is a near-magical natural cure.
In fact, regular consumption of galactin cannot be disputed as being one of the greatest natural cures.
It converts to butyrate in the intestine, which JUST HAPPENS to be the primary food of the intestines!
It holds water in your gut nicely, it helps good bacteria do their job, seriously promoting elimination.

Galactin is one of a thousand natural cures, good, healthy natural cures that surely promote longevity.
Learn just one or two or three new facts per day, and before a thousand days go by, you are a master.
Believe the Psychology of Longevity assertion: Three thousand useful facts? That is mastery!
From natural cures to un-natural cures, the more you learn, the better you tend to think.
Engage in re natural cures, helping yourself heal yourself,
and embrace the Psychology of Shortcuts as a result of those natural cures, to help:
Sharing natural cures is a way of getting you to help more helpless and hopeless.