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One of the few great certainties of life is that you're capable of doing better one time for every twelve tries.
Engaging in this one practice is absolutely guaranteed to double your results or income in every area of human endeavor.
The simple act of getting one percent better every time you try something has magical results that defy all logic.

It is a perfect shortcut of life - a MegaTruth. This one shortcut alone works approximately every time.
Without exception, one additional success for every twelve tries doubles your results and dollars.

Everything you find here is based on multiple streams of reliable information for each MegaTruth.
This is done on a scale that can fairly be stated as incomprehensible to all but one or two humans.
After all, how many human beings do YOU know who've read many thousands of books,
some of them repeatedly, ignoring all three-letter words to memorize far more,
created hundreds of thousands of unique documents and artistic creations?
Although these are only a half-million of MisterShortcut's productions,
the uniform fact that underlies all MegaTruths, all great shortcuts:
those who do it better are in the best position to tell us all HOW.
One hundred repetitions also delivers more than you now see.
Everything else expounded by everyone else is secondary.
Nothing and no one teaches success like success itself.
We can get our information from the horse's mouth,
or get caught at the wrong end of the horse.
Because I recognized my mind was rare,
I invested my first ten thousand days,
with more focus than most,
learning from the best.
Cream of the crop.
Masters and millionaires.
Champions and billionaires.
Those who win over and over again.
Over the decades, their MegaTruths have proven well.

Did you know, for example, that those who win the most times,
have a nearly unbroken habit of equal and opposite record of loss?
The greatest home run kings are the greatest strikeout artists as well.
As the first human to read twenty thousand books, I've learned shortcuts.
MegaTruths are the universal shortcuts that even loudmouths cannot deny.
MegaTruths generally take no more than mere minute to prove conclusively.
MegaTruths are the shortcuts that work in the area of 100 percent of the time,
for approximately one hundred percent of those who use MegaTruths repeatedly.
When one human breaks many world records, queries include,   "How did you do it?"
Any human performing at world-class levels - repeatedly - is a source for you to follow.
Use your time tearing at others, delaying your excellence, or developing the best in you.
Never again form an opinion based on findings of one source's opinion. Find more opinions.
Not one in ten pieces of information you take to be truth is factual in basis. Rely upon many.
Try to remind yourself that if you knew better, you would do better, whatever "it" is, for you.
Those who do it the best know it the best because they show it the best. Heed and imitate them.
You are one-conditionally guaranteed to become a master or millionaire, a champion or billionaire,
The condition never changes with the Psychology of Shortcuts : Ask or do one hundred or more times.

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More potent than all the works of a hundred researchers
Who do YOU know reading a book-plus per day?

As with many facets of life, MegaTruths produce more, now and always.
Not a hundred researchers in fifty years can come close to your today.
You have a hundred million computers filled with available information.
What you know means little compared to what you do with what you know.

At the Psychology of Shortcuts, find MegaTruths in plain sight and hidden.
These MegaTruths pages are a wonderful example of a near-limitless scope.
You can never run out of MisterShortcut pages, at least not in your lifetime.

Counting more than 1,700,000 unique versions of twelve and a half thousand initial creations,
this is the work of the most prolific creator in history, who eschewed celebrity in return for productivity.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is a gift of life to you, from thousands of masters, millionaires, and champions.

For you to be this far south of the page, you must be curious indeed.
Fact is, some poetry is bursting to come out,.

Not sure if it will even rhyme, but it's coming out.
Hope you care to join me downstairs in the lobby,
where the cocoa's fresh and hot.

MegaTruths are here to stay,
because MegaTruths are
another way to say,
that I still love you all today,
enough to use my life this way.
One hundred eighty million,
that's quite a number,
you'll agree,
and that's what I've invested,
just to push your successtory.
Successtory, for those who don't know,
is an opposite of history, like a variety show.
It's a way to grab MegaTruths from your shoe,
like Agent Maxwell Smart, tv's avatar of truth.

MegaTruths are what they use,
the champions and the masters,
MegaTruths are what you want,
to prevent and in all disasters.
Fill your hand with MegaTruths, fill your mind as well,
If all the world had MegaTruths, we'd have no need of Hell.
For MegaTruths are goodness, in the way we'd like to think,
MegaTruths will get you clean, from the most odiously noxious stink.
The kind that comes from thinking, that comes off as if you've been drinking,
when you tell us you know better than us all, when it's clear that you're just not thinking.
You see, those who do it better tend to know it best of al and it is MegaTruths that you'll find
has earned them places on those walls.
The walls you find in the halls of fame, MegaTruths lived out by the best in the game.

Tomorrow is precisely one day too late, for MegaTruths only work on this very date,
the one you're in right now, today, one thousand discretionary minutes underneath your choice and sway.
Waste them if you wish, don't expect us to hear and care, when you cry upon the morrow how you didn't get your share.
The world of losers needs an uppance of dedicated real defections, we're tired of the questions asked in all the wrong directions.

The Use Of MegaTruths Attracts More MegaTruths

The winner's side is waiting, too simply for you to know.
but you still believe that power must be boxed in gaudy show.
No one needs to know that you, have learned to duplicate great truth,
the time and place can satisfy, the need and purpose of those who cry,
the traction and the power, underneath the sure of foot,
is the bower of distinction for all that would and could.
MegaTruths will take you in to all the places of good and sin,
when you see how simple it's always been, we'll see you doing good again.

MegaTruths have no conscience, like dirt,
returning what you nourish in worth.
Mushrooms, tomatoes or the wish to be first,
Life is a choice, to be blessed or self-cursed.

No one gets to tell how you should think and feel,
so MegaTruths help you get there, long before it's time to keel.

Every day brings you that much closer, another thousand minutes, in fact,
and to tell you you're closer to dying right now, may not be a token of tact.
Yet the truth is still unchanging, you know, MegaTruths teach us that and much more.
every day you move one day closer, when we won't have you to adore.
So grab it while you can, today, with MegaTruths holding you in their sway,
"A hundred!" you cry, "a hundred and more, this is the way I end up with more."

The Use Of MegaTruths Attracts More MegaTruths

MegaTruths will set you right, the moment you embrace them,
for they're based on folks who share, and care to never disgrace them.
MegaTruths are silly, they're so simple in their way,
and they double someone's best result, in every sun-filled day.

In case you didn't know it, there's never been a day,
when the sun did not come out, to hide and seek and play.
MegaTruths are quite the same, MegaTruths will always determine your game,
MegaTruths always get you the win, without ever touching the skirts of sin.
MegaTruths work nearly every time, thanks to the masters, who paid the first dime.

The masters and the champions, use MegaTruths every which way,
the masters and the millionaires, are MegaTruthming every day.
Let this be your lesson, your MegaTruth just for today,
Ask more people more times each, to understand more of what I say.
The MegaTruths Capital thanks you all, for feeding poor children on Starvation Wall,
go to thehungersite, clickthrough just once, and you'll never again, feel like a dunce.
You see, every clickthrough saves a human life, every day that you do it you expand your own light,
into a more glowing, more coping, more hoping, way of success growing evermore bright.
MegaTruth your way today, ask more people in more creative ways.

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Stop settling, from yourself and others.
Higher expectations = higher results.
Psychology of Shortcuts MegaTruths,
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