Who are the luckiest gamblers we know?
Who puts on the luckiest of their shows?
Luckiest skinny, and, sure, luckiest fat,
the "luckiest" is the one who knows that,
how you eat food may be much more important,
than what you shove down there, in your gorging.
Luckiest gamblers, regarding life and with money,
know that the luckiest lives are filled with honey.
Not necessarily honey from bees (just the facts),
no, it's honey that flows faster than beeswax.

The luckiest gamblers know to take off a slice,
each time they win following a loss, if you see.

The luckiest gamblers are the people who know when to stop,
the luckiest gamblers know that distance to a loss is but a hop.

The luckiest gamblers study all the OTHER luckiest gamblers they can find,
repeatedly imitating their actions to successfully imitate their luckiest results.

The luckiest gamblers are not people who enjoy luck as YOU have defined luck so far,
the luckiest gamblers are those who know that luck is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

When you have repeated this acronym within your mind enough times, you begin to tap into it.
The luckiest gamblers will rapidly count you among their numbers, because luck is not accidental.

As a general rule, we create our own luck in life, and you are hardly likely to be much of an exception.
The Psychology of Shortcuts urges you to become one of the luckiest gamblers you will know within this life.
Find those people, including the luckiest gamblers, and observe them with considerably more care than is typical.
By imitating the actions, the words, the attitudes of the luckiest gamblers, you rapidly begin to imitate their best results.
You are now among the luckiest simply by being here at the Psychology of Shortcuts, where the luckiest people share secrets,
the shortcuts and secrets that will empower your own Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, now, and for a lifetime.
Excellence cannot happen by accident, not in shapetalk, and not for the luckiest gamblers, thus, SPEAK less, so that you might DO more.
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Luckiest poetry, luckiest shortcuts, all come together to produce YOUR best.
The luckiest results have a tendency to be consequential to repeated use of our luckiest shortcuts.
Excellence cannot occur in your life or any other by accident, because excellence defines better intentions.

Make Your Luck!
Laboring Under Correct Knowledge...

... perhaps the luckiest of all your acronyms.