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These are some of the short and sweet domains for sale by the Psychology of Shortcuts.

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The Psychology of Shortcuts actually offers MANY sweet domains, thus, "SweetDomains" is offered as a new manner of keyword.
Many of these delightful SweetDomains are entirely brandable, with the sweet euphonious sound we expect from a SweetDomain.
The Psychology of Shortcuts holds that domains such as these are great for new domaining investors who have limited funds.
Instead of buying higher investment-grade domains, start out modestly, and build your own brands via parking and sales.
Whatever your game plan, be sure to have a plan. When we do not know where we are going, we end up elsewhere.
Just like a correct map, like a good recipe, like a blueprint, it must be planned in writing if you expect it to work.
Zig Ziglar taught us all, repeatedly, that weddings are more successful than marriages for just that reason.
Weddings are planned, marriages are not. One runs like clockwork, the other tends toward the chaotic.
From sweet lives to SweetDomains, excellence and mastery do not, have not, will not occur accidentally.
Identify precisely what you want, then, simply enough, identify the last step just before you achieve the goal.
Next, identify just one step be fore that final step, and then each step further back, until you are where you are now.
This magical method works approximately one hundred percent of the time, so pick up pen and paper to see this for yourself.
If you are already and repeatedly producing at world-class, you are entitled to form opinions, because experience teaches us best.
Unless and until you are breaking and shattering your own records, let alone world records, you are wise to imitate the masters who do.

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