Healthiest choices, healthiest snares,
the healthiest websites, for those who care.
The healthiest lives have salt, water, and oil,
wherein only the water can be allowed to come to boil.

What's over one hundred and eight degrees, my sweet dear,
is something your body assuredly does not ever want to be near.

How easy to throw "healthiest" around, without needing to back it up.
Healthiest choices, healthiest lives, healthiest ways of healthiest wives.

The choices that we make, day after day, meal after meal, determine a great deal,
including, for most of us humans, the day and time and the precise cause of our demise.

How can you live at your healthiest when you are, for the most part, eating your way to death?
Genuinely eating your way right into a six-foot box, six feet under, with a poverty of food choices.

Look at the healthiest people, and you see they make the healthiest choices. You see a connection?
Who embraces their own Psychology of Longevity knows that most of a diet must be comprised of greens.

We can talk, we can justify, rationalize, and otherwise make excuses. Still, death begins, and ends, in the colon.
Air, water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oil, fiber, for the bulk of it, and, vitally, good bacteria, known as probiotics.

These are prime secrets of prime requisites of people who enjoy living flexibly beyond 100.
Stop pretending to know more than those who do. When you show more, then we know that you know more. Imitate winners.