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Shapetalk and Shortcuts, mostly from the Psychology of Shortcuts, and to a lesser degree,
are intended to achieve more than merely impressing you, pleasing you, engaging you to fill in all the colors of a page,
reaching instead to have you look inside the Shapetalk to find the shortcuts, what you will find to be your best shortcuts.

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Shortcuts unto shortcuts from the mother ship of shortcuts,
for the health and wealth we might still deserve,
the wealth worth more than fine orchids.
Health, of course, is true wealth,
its theft so often done in stealth.
When you have one, you get the other,
and without it is worse than having no mother.

Shortcuts from other shortcuts, that's what we see,
both the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.


Use enough of your favorite shortcuts, enough times,
and those shortcuts will tend to yield further shortcuts.

This is a frequent treat of utilizing your Psychology of Shortcuts.

Stop pretending to know more than those who repeatedly do more.
Imitating those you admire most is among the fastest of approaches,
the most efficient and effective way to repeatedly imitate their results.
Let the shortcuts you have already used well ... ... guide you to create new shortcuts.
Even if this shortcut is not a full cornerstone of the Psychology of Shortcuts, it is a potent tool.
Life has long proven that the more we use our best tools, the wider becomes the reach of those tools.
Shapelinks and Shapetalk are interactive features of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity.

Healthiest Foods Psychology of Longevity

The healthiest food through the living truth, of those who live stronger for longer,
the healthiest food and perhaps the healthiest foods, to qualify must make you stronger.
The healthiest foods in the world's healthiest idyll, would surely not be foods that are processed,
fast foods cannot perform as your healthiest foods, they are reserved for those we call cropheads.
These show to be the people whose brain is so like, lower vegetables and other crops of their ilk.
The healthiest foods, please give us the healthiest foods, to live out out the healthiest of our lives,
otherwise this terrible trend will continue, where husbands are SO long-outlived by their wives.
The healthiest foods is how we may stave it off, the healthiest foods, may old age slough off.
The greens and the reds and the purples and more, colors are the healthiest foods in store.
Always buy local, for don't you see, it's not "healthiest foods" if it travels ten cities.
The Psychology of Longevity promotes the healthiest foods for a range of reasons.
The Psychology of Longevity urges healthiest foods through a range of methods.

healthfood healthfoods health-food health-foods healthyfood healthy-food healthyfoods healthy-foods healthierfood healthierfoods healthier-food healthier-foods healthiestfood healthiestfoods healthiest-foods foodhealth food-health bestnutrition Reds and greens and oranges and more,
these are the colors healthiest foods in store,
for those who seeking to live the healthiest life,
relatively free of the most serious health-type strife.
Do you know that diet alone precludes most health challenges?
Healthiest foods often empower your best performance, you know.
As always, no need to believe try it out.
If you wish to be dumb, believing that pizza and such do not affect you,
just take any high-speed test of intelligence after eating pizza on one day,
then, on another day, eating the healthiest foods you have eaten this month,
and then take the same or similar test and see how much higher your score is.
The Psychology of Longevity sees healthiest foods as one part of the approach,
the methods and attitudes and substances used by who lives stronger for longer.
Cause and effect, Child, cause and effect. None of us escape this powerful truth.
If you grasp that cause and effect are related, you get to use it to your benefit.
NO ONE lives the healthiest life accidentally. Food is a fuel, not a reward.
A) Do more of what you love, and you will have less emotional food-need.
B) The more nutrition you get, the less food you need. Clear the colon.
C) White flour and white sugar sicken and kill everyone who eats them.
D) Failure to recognize these probably accounts for 80% of all diabetes.
Stop pretending to know better, or even as much as, those who really do.
Whoever you most admire, close your mouth so you can learn what they know.
Imitate the words, attitudes, and actions of those who are doing it best among us.
Even with all the original information, The Psychology of Longevity is not the source.
In fact, the Psychology of Longevity cannot live the healthiest life somehow on your behalf,
any more than the Psychology of Longevity can eat the healthiest foods in substitution of you.
"IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME." Such tiny words, only two letter in each, and yet, such power!
Speak less and do more. EVERY time you encounter useful information, know this magical truth:
Every single piece of excellent wisdom you ever encounter has more than just that first meaning.
However much you think you understand that wisdom, there are not one, but several additional layers.
From the coign of vantage of both Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, learn more of them.
Wisdom is closer to you than anyone around you thinks, because we mistake impressive-sounding info with wisdom.
The healthiest decisions you can make take only moments of thought rather than simply leaping into unfounded opinions.
When you choose to commit to your own internalized Psychology of Longevity, healthiest foods are among your healthiest decisions.