The healthiest beverages are what we've come to see,
and for the Psychology of Longevity life-enthusiast,
water proves the healthiest beverage for me, hee hee.

Drink this healthiest of beverages, based on good water,
determine for yourself if you do not feel a bit smarter,
for replacing the junk, the garbage and the toxins,
pursuing healthy longevity, with much more moxey.
"Healthiest beverage" is, obviously, in part, subjective.

If you do not find water to be the healthiest beverage,
your loss is rather minimal, considering a ridiculous price.
Who ever heard of a drink with minerals added at no extra cost?
NOT costing ten or twenty dollars for each bottle of beverage?

Psychology of Longevity Findings - Healthiest Beverage

Water seems to me,
the healthiest beverage in town,
With water, so far, not yet a single frown,
to live the healthiest life, that has not let me down.
The healthiest beverages from the healthiest of waters,
are helping me to run right past the most typical walkers.
All that I know, it's healthy for me, creating a healthier history.

As long as the Psychology of Longevity makes sense for you in your own life,
as long as you credit the guidance offered throughout
you will come to understand that the healthiest beverages must all be based on water.
Water is one of the prime magical, near-mystical and yet crystal-clear master secrets,
master secrets of longevity lived by those who know better than everyone under 80.
Who lives the longest, in the healthiest ways, not with drugs and endless MD's,
prove the most reliable sources on earth for what constitutes "healthiest."
Clean water is, indisputably, the healthiest beverage on earth, right?
water builds on that, thus, Psychology of Longevity adoration.
If water is not the healthiest energy drink, or beverage,
adding immensely to the healthiest of waters they use,
then WHAT, pray tell, can putatively be "healthiest?"
Learn from each day.
Live your own Psychology of Longevity, each day.
Begin with the healthiest beverage... clean water.
That is Psychology of Longevity Step Number Two,
Psychology of Longevity One being more breathing.

As much as the Psychology of Longevity adores and appreciates what water is determined to do for the world,
and insofar as the Psychology of Longevity understands that water exists to help, far more than to profit,
there is no need for you to blindly accept the suggestions or findings of ever.
This is because and Psychology of Shortcuts, as well, are based on multiples.
ALWAYS seek information from multiple sources, so that your decisions themselves are more well-formed.
With respect to what is healthiest, including the healthiest of beverages, do your own research on water.

Learn what constitutes the healthiest water, and why the Psychology of Longevity terms it, "healthiest beverage."
No one can live your life for you, no one can live the Psychology of Longevity on your behalf, not as far as we know.
What the Psychology of Longevity does know with certainty is that those who do the best prove that they know the best.
Imitating people who ingest water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oils known to promote health, plus fiber and priobiotics,
you are infinitely likely to imitate the healthiest outcomes and healthiest longevities of the healthiest people in human history.
Why guess at the methods of making the best chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? Is it not faster and wiser to simply imitate Grandma?
The Psychology of Longevity promises that fair reseach will prove to you that water is the healthiest beverage for ALL human beings.

Whether it is through water-based natural energy drinks, or other good water-based drinks, a Psychology of Longevity thought to weigh:
A core foundation of the Psychology of Longevity is to drink an ounce of water each day... for every pound that your body weighs.
When you agree with the Psychology of Longevity that water is your healthiest beverage, try water, or search for anything better.