The healthiest beverages are what we are here to see,
while the healthiest of beverages inspire me to write to thee,
because the healthiest of beverages makes your health feel free.
The healthiest of beverages, comparing just the healthiest beverages,
with respect to good health these drinks provide us with the wealthiest of leverages.
Drink the healthiest beverages today, drink the healthiest beverages for all of your days.
Your life will grow longer, your health will surely be stronger, thanks to the healthiest beverages.
Silly puns and sillier poems, the healthiest shapetalk may someday add up to many of the healthiest tomes.
First, the healthiest beverages and only the truly healthiest beverages,
since healthiest beverages conspire to keep you hale and in your homes.
What liquids can supercede clean water, sea-salt water, never-heated oil?
Who wants to die away from it all, expiring at speed near some dreary, disinfectant-stained hospital wall...
The healthiest death after the healthiest life, thanks to the healthiest of beverages, from your loving wife.
The Psychology of Longevity urges you to first identify the healthiest beverages, ala Ahhmigo, et alia.
As magnificent as Ahhmigo is, it is, obviously, not the only "healthiest drink" in town, relatively.
Drinking directly from natural sources of water is among the healthiest of human activities.
Furthermore, the juices of many plants and fruits, berries and tomatoes, promote health.
Drinks YOU find to be the healthiest beverages, at least healthiest beverages for you,
these are the drinks and beverages that can and should become part of your habit,
the habit of eating the healthiest foods, and drinking the healthiest beverages.
The Psychology of Longevity is a proponent of the healthiest habits for life,
including the healthiest foods and the healthiest beverages, as a habit.
Learn more, so you might live more, living in your healthiest states.
The Psychology of Longevity posits that health is not accidental.
Whatever predispositions or DNA-based energetic signatures,
no matter what the inclinations of family history may be,
you have the right AND choice to affect these things.
Water, oil, salt, bulk, and bacteria, right at the top.
Memorize these, for they are longevity secrets.
Never-heated oil and good air-dried sea salt,
along with water, fiber, and probiotics.
Learn and memorize these delights,
master secrets of YOUR universe.
Shhh. If you knew this better,
then you would do it better.
Until then, imitate, hmm?
Imitate those who do,
THEN you innovate.
That's healthiest.
Shapetalk fini.

The healthiest shapetalk of beverages and such, after all, the healthiest beverages, can means so very much.
As for those who cannot eat, as most humans do, foolishly, ravenously, gluttonously, and oh-so-too-freely,
the advantages of chewing one's food into liquids is at the level of true Psychology of Longevity.
NO solid nutrition is known to pass through the brush-border cells of your small intestine.
Only liquids can nutrify us, so, those who chew unto liquid require MUCH less food.
Imitate the Psychology of Longevity to live your Psychology of Longevity.