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HealthGems may be gracious, and HealthGems may be fun,
the Psychology of Shortcuts wants you to know,
that with health gems, YOU, too, can be the one,
the one with the greatest answers - those that serve,
delivered with excitement, educated panache, and with verve,
Psychology of Longevity with the healthiest of all approaches,
for those with the courage to learn anew, those who have the nerve.

Daring to rise above your "station," the place and label you've got,
daring to be the one that learns, who goes from being cold to quite hot.
HealthGems at and Psychology of Shortcuts HealthGems,
are learning powergems that take us deeper into the best knowledge ever decocted before,
crunched down into the wisdom of the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity.

Health is a choice, not a chance.
Stop overrating the power of genetics.
Yes, congenital defects occur, as do others.
Gene markers for a "pre-identified health issue