You are invited to the greatest profit generation of your life, without spending.
Being raised in a home that was well-off NOT through inheritance, only sweat,
one of my seven greatest fortunes is the knowledge that half the world starves.
Surprised to learn one of every two on the planet have too little food or water?
For me, thousands of little children painfully excreting themselves to death,
every single day,
is no less horrifying than thousands of pets abused and killed... every week.
Another of my top seven ecstasies is the joy given to me in reducing these.
If our numbers are correct, my work co-produces fantastic levels of food..
That's for the humans; animal food, oddly enough, is even more popular.
Now so many tens of thousands of cups per day, let us pursue millions.
I will help you get what you want, at no charge. You help the helpless.
There are seven philanthropic interests that engage my 1,000 minutes.
All are about helping the helpless, thanks to a truly nasty gentleman.
His name was Henry Ford, as dastardly an idiot-savant as imaginable.
He said he would rather get 1% from 100 men than 100% from one man.
One of many vehicles was the internet. My first computer use was in 1974,
playing and programming a wonderful game called "Star Trek," before mice.
In fact, there was no screen at all, and the only printouts were like piano rolls.
Of course, if you do not know what a player piano is, or was, more the tragedy.
Let us now put together a dozen thoughts you took in from the last dozen sentences.
Because I continue to break and shatter world records most days and weeks of my life,
and obviously enjoy staggering creativity and time-manipulation skills, I get to choose, hm?
I Thank the Architect of the Universe, in capitals, for having resources and freedom to choose.
I choose to invest betwixt 50,000 and 60,000 of my precious multi-focused possessions: seconds,
in helping you to raise up, far above where you hope to be without the Psychology of Shortcuts.
I'll teach you how to achieve anything you might achieve anyway... faster, with more efficacy,
Please forgive what you might perceive as bragging, although you cannot even applaud me.
It is hard to deny that I enjoy the use of powers, focused internally to produce prolifically.
The greatest of all my powers, with more shattered world records than 100 champions,
is the indisputable power to transfer the world's most powerful secrets and shortcuts.
Is this fantastic? One human being, using both genius and hyper-prolific tendencies,
and so much of it focused very particularly on promoting YOUR successful ways.
The most important step you can take today is to learn to suspend your opinions.
If you really did know better, as you seem to think you do in most everything,
then you would be outperforming yourself, never mind big world champions.
What makes me brilliant is my ability to shut up in the presence of masters.
This is how I have learned from each to shatter their records, and beyond.
By condensing their wisdom into tasty ShapeTalk pieces, you learn big.
Donald Trump taught us in Art of the Deal, "Takes the same to think big."
What an enormous thought. So, when others called ten, I called one hundred.
Of far greater financial impact, when others asked ten times, I asked one hundred.
This PowerGem alone is pretty much the only thing you ever need to know of wealth.
It is, spectacularly, the single largest and most profound power that you will ever possess.
I continue to read a book or three per day, before you eat breakfast, so, who knows more?
The Psychology of Shortcuts multiplies your wealth, and half that wealth must help the helpless.
This is non-negotiable, it is your cost for your omnipotent Psychology of Shortcuts PowerGems.
If you ask ten times and I ask once, do you think you have ten times the chance of hearing a yes?
Let us ramp it up to my asking ten times, and you asking one hundred or even a thousand times.
Close your mouth, and opinion, determining to ask 1,000x or more in the next 100 days or so.
This one secret alone induces a doubling of your results, repeatable throughout all your life.
In return for these PowerGems, secrets of masters and millionaires, you help the helpless.
First, foremost, starving children and pets, and children with cleft palates. Let's get busy.

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Since the Psychology of Longevity

Simply stated, you are wise to prepare yourself for your single greatest journey,
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The Psychology of Shortcuts has proven that every human can build genius.
Einstein basically defined genius as the number of times that anyone tries.
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