Greatest Doctor Poem - Psychology of Longevity Poetry Shapetalk and Poetry

Greatest doctor, greatest doctor, all merely words, subject to a proctor.
That's because no one is objective about themselves, using a word like "greatest"
as if they've just pulled it off the shelf.
Not bothering to look,
not checking any book,
denying themselves access to health.

You see, everyone is sick, we now all die of unnatural causes, yet,
when asked why HE or SHE is the greatest doctor, you only say, "Because."

Our opinions are not enough to prove, the greatest minds, well, they will not move,
not when they hear "greatest" as if it were true, waiting for the greatest from within you.

Greatest doctors, all over the world, according to the patients who are most thoroughly sold.
It matters not that these "greatest doctors" do not heal or cure anything in the way of disease,
and, in fact, do more harm than good 15 out of 16 times, the 16th relating to breaks and stitches.

For critical care, medical doctors are the first to turn to, the best to rely upon to be of service.
For acute care, which means illness or disease, an M.D. is the last person you might consider.

As reasonable as it is to describe quantum reflex analysis practitioners as the greatest doctors, because QRA is so accurate,
even so, the greatest news you might encounter today regarding health is that YOU are, potentially, your own greatest doctors.
Learning more has a lovely way of promoting the reality of living more, which means living stronger for longer, and naturally.
The Psychology of Longevity presents the greatest information in pursuit of you becoming your own greatest doctors on earth.