Erasing the dichotomy of gambling

Play long enough and the casino tends to win more - reliably so
Why is this, if simple rules prove within minutes to be profitable?
It is purely and exclusively because people do not follow the rules.
Too many people think that the simplicity of the rules weakens them.
When you complicate, relying upon hunches or intuition promotes loss.
No less than eighty percent of all your intuitions prove definitively wrong.
The funniest part about succeeding at gambling your way to high-rollership,
the one thing that keeps at least eight of every ten gamblers consistently losing,
frustrating their repeated, and often lifelong attempts to enter true high-rollership,
which is no more or less than the greatest method of achieving true high-rollership,
is the one thing that proves again and again to be the most profitable way to gamble.

Stick to the rules.... and do so more than anyone else, and there is no shortage of examples.