EyeCandy offered to the universe,
from some internalized poetic purse,
with the sweetest of wishes spun in verse.
EyeCandy is unlikely to make it worse,
for all the EyeCandy you might curse.
EyeCandy tends to craft a story,
left-brained as well as right,
and EyeCandy
ends up with a moral,
shaped in seeing the light.
Look beyond your EyeCandy,
don't let the universe stay waiting,
if you do not sing your innermost songs,
your last day's Judgement will be eviscerating.
EyeCandy raises us up, to a place we've yet to see,
in an EyeCandy zen of Heaven, in a universe of peace.
Raise EyeCandy to the Universe, open up that stingy purse,
EyeCandy and more EyeCandy still, on dreams we still nurse.

EyeCandy to the universe, of all the wishes curled in verse.
EyeCandy could not make it worse, if the EyeCandy you should curse.
EyeCandy tell a story, with might and right, to spare,
and the EyeCandy share that moral,
crafted by just one who dares.

Look beyond the EyeCandy,
don't let the universe stay baited.
If you do not sing your song of songs,
your Judgement Day will be deflated.

EyeCandy take us yet higher, to a place we still hope to see,
in our EyeCandy style of Heaven, a perceived universe of peace.
Hold up EyeCandy to the Universe, tear open the tightly-held purse,
EyeCandy and more EyeCandy still,
through dreams we saw then, first.
Help the helpless, very quietly,
silently even, when you can,
and watch what happens.
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for self-empowering.