The Psychology of Shortcuts On Winning Persistently

Winning Ditty

Winning is more than an event.
Work backwards to live forwards.
Examining winners is a big shortcut.
Winning is a specific state of mind.
Adopt the winning state of mind,
and you adopt a winner's edge

Winner After Winner, Most Repeat Winners Are Quite The Same!

Every major study of winners, people who are REPEAT winners, not infrequently across multiple disciplines, shows common traits.
QUERY: Do you personally believe there will be a difference in your performance by adopting the repeated habits of winners?
The Psychology of Shortcuts is here to advise you that your belief, in this matter, is secondary to the results of winners.
You cannot win at something repeatedly by accident. You did something in common each time to help you win.
It is not that complicated for you to look back, just after winning, to identify each of the steps you took.
The next time you are the winner, or one of the winners, at that same task, look for the common steps.
To accelerate the process, examine the actions of other winners, to incorporate them into your own next effort.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is, to a large degree, you imitating masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
For example, most masters and millionaires, and champions and billionaires, seek to do several things with one focused effort.
Do you use self-talk while you brush your teeth, which you can do on tip-toes, with your eyes closed, excercising on multiple levels?

Winners are the people willing to habitually do the things that non-winners are unwilling to repeatedly do.
Winners understand that one extra success for every twelve tries puts you into the uppermost percentile.
Winners live the Psychology of Shortcuts, focusing incessantly on solutions, rather than any obstacles.
Focus is one of the ten greatest shortcuts of all winners, in all manners of life, a profound shortcut.
Live your own version of the Psychology of Shortcuts, adopting the habits of persistent winners.
Winning is as easily accomplished as tossing rolled-up papers into your nearest wastepaper basket.
First, get all of your tools correct, because winning requires a winning use of all tools available to you.
Next, get your position correct, since positioning is often the difference between winning and not winning.
Finally, visualize it ten times for every throw, and you are guaranteed to see your most winning results of all.

The Psychology of Shortcuts cannot fail to work for us, we can only fail to use the Psychology of Shortcuts repeatedly.
When a shortcut is proven to work hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of times by winners, then it is a PowerGem.
PowerGems work just about one hundred percent of the time for approximately one hundred percent of who employs them 100x.
Never before in all of our recorded history has there ever been such a compilation of your most powerful shortcuts, those of champions.
You want winning shortcuts? Ask more people more times each and you will always end up with more than anyone else. Try it and see for yourself.

As you have no doubt noticed, mayhaps with pleasure, this is a great place for winning shortcuts, multi-levelled, where winners hone their crafts.
The more you invest of yourself into your own Psychology of Shortcuts, the more you find thine Psychology of Shortcuts investing in you.