Approximately every disease, particularly when mechanical damage is not clinically apparent, is acidic in nature.
Alkaline-boosting foods and supplements, available by the dozen and score from any reputable merchant,
instantly and indisputably reverse most disease in its tracks, one step at a time, one day at a time.

ANYTHING that proves to inexorably stop an unnatural process using natural processes is best.

That fact is one of the ten critical pieces of knowledge for anyone extending longevity intentionally.
Excellence cannot happen by accident, so thinking that you will repeat excellence accidentally is specious.
For example, extra-virgin oil, which means an oil that was cold-pressed, no heat involved, is a magical secret.
It is a magical secret because approximately 100 of 100 people who heartily live past 100 eat and drink raw oils.
What extremity of arrogance or disrespect can elevate your opinions above the opinions of those who are doing it?
You would explain to Chopin or Steven Tyler or Paul McCartney how to write a good song, and be taken seriously?
You have an opinion on how tens of thousands of people in each of several countries are thriving past one hundred?
Your opinion has no more value than that of MisterShortcut, who studied the subject with record-breaking numbers.
The only opinions that have tangible, scientifically repeatable value are the opinions of those doing it best.
Listening to Jack La Lanne truly belting out a song with professionalism at 93 years of age, be silent.
The only one in the room we should be able to hear is the one doing it better than everyone else.
If half or more than half of your diet does not come from the ground, low chance at longevity.
By "longevity," the Psychology of Longevity pursues both quality and quantity of longevity.
What is the value of living to even sixty or seventy, let alone into eighties and beyond,
if the quality of life is so profoundly altered by ailments, drugs, appointments, etc.?

Here is a Psychology of Shortcuts secret for increasing your IQ, instantly, PLUS, you even get to use it repeatedly.
What makes it even more staggering as

Take the energy of the opinion you are just now about to form, and, instead, invest that energy into learning something new.