You are easily receiving a thousand dollars of value per hour here, and more.
Here, no one pays even half that, nor even a quarter. It's about pure information.
No physician in your life is likely to be as clear and as helpful in one visit.

No other facility in the world is known to have as much technology used at one time.

That is why Dr. Cohen is able to do so much for you at a fraction of any market price.
That is why Dr. Cohen enjoys one of the highest success rates anywhere in the world!

Every injury or trauma leaves toxic metabolites behind that identifiably hinder nutrition.

When you identify the interference fields that hinder your nutrition, and remove them,
you benefit from combining the oldest technologies with several new technologies.

Again, no other facility in the world is simultaneously using so many technologies.
Renowned QRA mastery, Bodyscan2010 expertise, Ondamed, Dr. Chi, plenty more.

In return, Refuah Vechaim invites you to make sure you help other people like you.
When you have been to many appointments with little results, it is disappointing.
When you come to Dr. Cohen, you tend to get the best results of your life, true?
Be sure you get other people to come visit with the "greatest doctor on earth."
Forget "weekly appointments." Get in, get out, get on with your life.

When you come to consult with Dr. Cohen, you are putting trust in his decades of learning, teaching, and helping.
In return, you entitled to receive the maximum bang for your buck. So, let's give you even more value, useful info.

As you may have noticed, your fee here is ridiculously low in comparison to "market values."
That's fine for people who are interested in pursuing profit. As you might also have noticed,
Dr. Cohen's time with you tends to be very precise, very focused... and extremely packed with useful information.
Dr. Cohen is pleased to host the Psychology of Longevity throughout the internet, with more than a million unique pages.
These pages are free for your life in hope that you will learn more so you can live more... which means you might give more.

So, the following information is provided to you in pursuit of the belief that the better we live, the better we can give.

1) You are urged to listen to Dr. Marshall's daily broadcasts. You will learn some of the best information of your life,
and after a quarter-century of broadcasting, it would appear that Dr. Marshall has it down pat.
Plus, Dr. Marshall's "Healthline" is also online at,, and many others.

2) Never, as long as you live, eat a cooked meal without Digest and HCL detox.
If you find another company with live-source HCL, great, although you'll probably pay more for artificial stuff.
You can research yourself good research that explains why cooked food costs us a third of our lives, and our health.
You only get about 20,000, maybe 25,000 full-size dosages of HCL in your life. HCL is meant to be used in emergencies,
such as when we eat anything that needs disinfecting, or when we eat food that has been cooked, and has no more enzymes.

Because HCL is meant to be used only for emergencies, you only produce about 20,000 to 25,000 full dosages in a lifetime.
With up to twenty or more cooked meals per week, a thousand per year, you use up your full dosages before age 30.
Sadly, you and those who raised you sincerely believe that there is a benefit in a diet of cooked food,
despite the clear and obvious fact that your body is not designed for repeatedly eating cooked food.
You do not have the digestive system made for the things that you eat.

Ever notice that a dog or a cat can eat a nasty piece of meat without getting sick that would send most anyone to a hospital?
Funny thing about meat. It takes up to two full hours for any meat to begin turning rancid in our hot, wet, dark innards, hm?
These animals have short transit times: that meat goes in and out through a short digestive tract in less than two hours.
(Yes, animals go to the bathroom, so to speak, after every meal... unless they live on "pet food," in place of nutrition).

Humans do not have a short transit time, because humans do not have a short, simple digestive system, a simple digestive tract.
It takes a staggering amount of time to move animal products and artificial foods through your intestines and out the body, you know.
Eighteen to thirty-seven hours is what we can expect, depending upon your weight, and your digestive success or lack thereof.