Dietary shortcuts, nicely lined up in a row,
because dietary shortcuts seem to be for show.
EVERYONE knows dietary shortcuts, yes, including you,
and yet who among us practice dietary shortcuts,
living a pure Psychology of Longevity truth?

What you say means far less, than what you choose to do,
and the more that you repeat it, the stronger is repute for you.
Knowing is not doing, because doing is even more than knowing.
The numbers that you put up today, reveal your inner truth.

Dietary shortcuts, give us a place to go,
with dietary shortcuts seeming to be mere show.
We all know dietary shortcuts, of course including you,
and still, who among us employ dietary shortcuts,
experiencing Psychology of Longevity truth?

Dietary shortcuts, provide a pathway to follow,
a healthy, natural dietary way, aimed to save us sorrow,
in hope that dietary shortcuts will provide you a tomorrow.
Although tomorrow is sure to come, whatever our dietary choices,
only Fate might know today, who will be the surviving voices.
Prove that dietary shortcuts can be much more than show.
We all cite dietary shortcuts, yes, dear including you.
Don't tell us, just show us, and more, show yourself,
that you know how useless is a hammer on the shelf.
Pick up what you know, and act as if you're smart,
prove with your actions that you know what's what.
Dietary shortcuts greatly include how long and well you live.
Stop pretending to know more, so that your brain works faster.
Do not respect those who are paid to tell you what you should know.
It is one of the heights of gullibility or worse, so, learn this truth yourself.
Imitate those who make the smartest dietary choices, proven by their lives.
Those who live stronger for longer know far more than a thousand professors.
Science is more of a search for answers than one that provides us proof of answers.
Far more science is discarded than is kept, because life has questions still unanswered.
This is why we act on what we know works best based on what we observe to work the best.
At the level of Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, shortcuts that always work,
eighty and ninety percent is not "ALWAYS," so, one hundred repetitions of the best shortcuts may be.
When you use, for example, a dietary shortcut or group of dietary shortcuts, perhaps two, three, or more,
and you repeat that shortcut one hundred times and more, you are removing chance factors to the infinitesimal.

The more you engage in any great shortcut or set of shortcuts, the more wisely is your time being made use of.
What is your food diet? What is your knowledge diet? Are you smart enough to learn three new facts per day?
Many people go from zero to hero simply learning three new dietary shortcuts per day, maybe per week or so.

respectfully, reminds you that if you knew better, you would do better. True?
Whoever you are, there are people you admire. When you imitate WHAT THEY HAVE IN COMMON, tada.
Simple, potent, undeniable shortcuts for longevity that advance MANY of your other interests, as well.
Neither Psychology of Shortcuts or Psychology of Longevity capitalizes without due consideration.


... and still, who among us live our best dietary shortcuts,
living, and well-knowing, Psychology of Longevity truth?