Psychology of Shortcuts PowerChat, by way of Shapelinks and other interactive EyeCandy delights.         
                  Self-empowerment shortcuts are more effective when we enjoy the environment we use them in.               
                  If artistic expression is part of who and what you are, it is natural to seek ways to be expressive.              
                    Here you have one of the greatest secrets of all time, so let today be when you choose to excel.                
                      Excellence does not and cannot happen accidentally, so let us make your excellence all-urgent.                 
                        Brilliance is a willingness to find and create ways to earn your income by doing what you love.                
                    Thus, Shapetalk and Shapelinks EyeCandy delights, including this delightful EyeCandy treat.             
                Find a way to get paid doing what you most enjoy doing, even if only on a part-time basis.           
                  Confucious said, "Get a job doing what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."              
                      If you are working at something you do not enjoy, you yet have discretionary minutes.                 
                    Even if only for an hour or four per week, learn to earn for doing what you most love.                
                  Instead of finding excuses, find ways to ask people to pay you for what you do well.       
                      This is easily counted among the greatest shortcuts to success, of all known time.         
                    Until you show better, how can we possibly think that you might know better?           
                        These are the great secrets and shortcuts of masters and millionaires. Shh.           
                                                                Less jabbering, and more doing, is a seven-day miracle recipe, you know.                                            
                                      It works approximately one hundred percent of the time.                   
                    Invest yourself into the Psychology of Shortcuts.                       
                Proof is in the doing, not the explaining.                         
                  Engage your greatest winning streak.


How much would you know if you read a book or three per day... for a thousand days?
Can you imagine how much more efficiently your brain would operate on your behalf?
Having read a book or three each day for more than sixteen thousand days in a row,
I flatter myself in believing that 100 have not, combined, stored this much data.
Please accept my assurance that these shortcuts - PowerGems - work for you.
They are the greatest shortcuts of all time, and work just about every time.
For example, the greatest shortcut of wealth, beyond all known others,
is to ask more people more times each for whatever it is you want.
NOTHING comes close to this fantastically magical power of life.
When people say "No," it most often really means, "Not yet."
You have not YET given them sufficient reason to say yes.
Ergo, find out why they said no, then fix the objection.
From birth to death, 80 percent of all your "yesses"
come after you have asked seven or more times.
This is the single greatest shortcut to wealth.
Bill Gates asked billions to buy software,
asking each person many times each.
Identify precisely what you want.
Ask more people for the "Yes,"
and ask each one more times

The Psychology of Shortcuts works about as hard as you do.
Excellence is a choice, because excellence cannot happen accidentally.
You can do something with minimal effort, medium effort, or superstar effort.
What a choice, right up in front of you, that you have persistently ignored: excellence!
ANYTHING you have repeatedly shown excellence in is something that you enjoyed enormously.
When you embrace the Psychology of Shortcuts, the Psychology of Shortcuts tends to embrace you.
Stop pretending to know more than those who repeatedly obtain better results than you are now obtaining.
The best days of your life are only days away, where every day, you leap out of bed with excitement and energy.
Any single PowerGem of the Psychology of Shortcuts is enough to electrify your results, so several work even more.
It is because humans who believe they are moving closer to a dream come true continually achieve higher energy levels.
The amount and quality of energy you invest into any project is directly reflected in the eventual outcome of that project.
In other words, success is scientific, not a matter of luck or connections in high places, or good looks, or even education.
What supersedes the power of hunger? The hungriest one ALWAYS wins the race, so, ask more people more times each.
Now you firmly know, and remember, the greatest power and shortcut of wealth. Speak less, and ask more times each.