Cohenology is a simple science,
seeking to replace modern medicine.
Instant proof, with rapid observable benefit.
Teachable to those who can tie their shoelaces.
Simple tests to identify weak organs, glands, tissue.
Tests that most any human being can learn in a short time.
QRA plus Bodyscan. Man's oldest technology, and the newest.
Every injury or trauma, physical or emotional, leaves metabolites.
That means leftover trash that does not get cleaned out with healing.
All energy, all electricity flowing past goes awry, getting worse with time.
Mudpacks will astound you, because they are fast-acting, cheap, powerful.
When you identify specific compounds that work best with the mud packs,
you get to remove the causes of more symptoms than you can imagine.
Rather than looking to people who are good at developing wealth,
look to the practitioners who serve because they seek to help.
39th in the world for medical care, 1,000,000 stupid deaths,
you are clearly not getting it from the mouth of the horse.
That finds and places you at the wrong end of the horse.
Dr. Cohen has elevated the works of doctors Omura and Marshall.
By learning how to point your fingers as someone else pulls on yours,
you will know how to do a one-second test on food, for the rest of your life.
You can even test buildings, clothing, and virtually anything with a simple test.
Cohenology is the surely the single greatest advance in life and health of all time.
It takes existing knowledge and technology, and combines them uniquely, with no precedent.
Cohenology is given as a gift to the world, because even the lure of billions is worth less than you.