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Above and beyond all other "Healthline Live" broadcasts, the first two should be noted for their long-term reliability.
It may not be a stretch to suppose that listening to Dr. Marshall 100 or more times is likely to provide you with a full education,
full as in "more useful information towards actual healing, self-healing, than you may learn in four years of any medical school."
Robert Marshall, and his literally brilliant wife, Dr. Linda Forbes, both of whom enjoy minds that rank up near one in a billion,
have delivered unto the whole world many, not a few, material inventions and innovations that have changed the world.
The Psychology of Longevity offers proof that Dr. Robert "Bob" Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes are Nobel candidates

WEEKDAY Healthline broadcasts:
2:30 pm -
5:30 pm -

   1. 1030 AM Weekdays 630AMRadio - KJS-also Sat AM - Dr. Bob Marshall

   2. 11 AM Bob Marshall-MON WED - 1040 WLVJ - Dr. Bob Marshall

   3. 11AM or NOON SAT - 1006 ColoradoTime - Colorado Network - Dr. Bob Marshall

   4. 12 NOON - KKGM - Bob Marshall- 11amTexasTime - Dr. Bob Marshall

   5. 230 PM - Tuesday - 1040 WLVJ - Dr. Bob Marshall

   7. 3PM-WEEKDAYS WROLBOSTON.COM - - Dr. Bob Marshall

   8. 430 AM - WELW 1330AM-Bob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   9. 4 pm - WHKW 1220AMRADIO - Clevel - Bob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   10. 530 pm - MondWed - WVNJ - 1160AM THEN 530PM - Dr. Bob Marshall

   11. 530 PM NYTime - WWJC-DrBob Marshall-Minnes - Dr. Bob Marshall

   12. 530 PM Weekdays- WRDT 560 WRDT AMRadio - Dr. Bob Marshall

   13. 530PM-weekdays - WELW 1330 AM Radio! - Dr. Bob Marshall

   14. 6 PM WEEKDAYS -KKGM AM - Dr. Bob Marshall

   15. HealthLineCC - Bob Marshall Site

   16. 1130am MON - EST - KCBC-770 AM-Calif-Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   17. NOON SAT- NYTime Dr Bob Marshall 630 KJSL - Dr. Bob Marshall

   18. NOON Weekdays - 9California Time KLAA-amradio 830 - Dr. Bob Marshall

   19. SAT - 12 NOON - boston-DrBob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   20. SAT -NOON - KFIA71-AMRadio - California Bob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   21. SAT 11 AM  WKAT -DrBob Marshall-SouthFlor - Dr. Bob Marshall

   22. SAT 1105 AM NYTime -WWJC.comDrBob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   23. SAT 1130 - 1040 WLVJ - Dr. Bob Marshall

   24. SAT 11am -- KKGM AM - Dr. Bob Marshall

   25. SAT 430 PM - KPDQ 130PM Calif time - Dr. Bob Marshall

   26. SAT 4pm-5pm Saturday- KGNW AM 820 1pm PST - Dr. Bob Marshall

   27. SAT Noon - NY Time -KKLA-3pmCaliftime-Bob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   28. SAT - 10AM - WYLLAM 9am Chicago - Bob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   29. SAT-NOON NY Time - 9amPST-Bob Marshall - Dr. Bob Marshall

   30. SAT - NOON - 1370AM - Connecticut - Sat - Self-Empowerment - Dr. Bob Marshall

   31. SAT-NOON-AM 1000 KCEO - Dr. Bob Marshall

   32. SAT1 0AM Detroit -AM560 - WRDT - The Word - Dr. Bob Marshall

   33. SAT 10AM WWDJ 970am - NY - Dr. Bob Marshall


   1. Moving World Clock!

   2. pi10k - Converting the first 10,000 digits of pi into a musical sequence - NOT Dr. Bob Marshall

   3. SEO - Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Submission - Again, NOT Dr. Bob Marshall

   4. SEO ranking Utility for the Webmaster - Certainly NOT Dr. Bob Marshall

   David Cohen Sites

   1. Bodyscan Astonishing Thousands In Healthier Alternative to Medicine With Doctor David Cohen Brooklyn NY - Dr. Bob Marshall

   2. Bodyscans  Healthiest Web Site In The World - Dr. Bob Marshall

   3. NY Naturopathic Doctors - Dr David Cohen May Be Greatest Doctor in America - NY Naturopathic Doctors - Dr. Bob Marshall

   FOOD ------- FOOD - Save The World - Less Talking, More Doing
The Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts urge you to action, if only for selfish reasons.
Newton's 3rd law of physics teaches us that every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction.
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Embrace the Psychology of Longevity to find that the Psychology of Longevity reciprocates.
So, too, the Psychology of Shortcuts. What you put in is remarkably related to what you yield.

   Clickable Homeless Charities - Not related to Bob Marshall subjects, just the start of the charity links provided by the Psychology of Longevity


   2. - Save, preserve and protect American Wilderness and wildlife for free!

   4. por los chicos - donaciones gratuitas

   5. por los chicos - donaciones gratuitas

   6. Structured Water Pseudoscience and Quackery

   7. The oaks are offered by companies.

   8. Two Wings - Click Donation

   HealthRadio and...
Some Not Quite At The Bob Marshall Level - Still Good

   1. 2PM Good Health Talk 1510 KCTE

   2. 4PM Weekdays - HEALTH Dr someone WSTP 1490am - NOT Dr. Bob Marshall

   3. 9AM - Weekdays-Duke And The Doctor - WELW 1330 AM Radio - A Fraction of Dr. Bob Marshall

   4. Dr. Pressman's Best Case Medicine

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Better health is far more a matter of choice than of better birth.
It is true that those who were naturally nursed will be stronger.
Still, better health is achievable by everyone who eats well.

Your current definition of "eating well" may need redefining.
Eating well means rarely ever eating anything touched by others.
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Bob Marshall Poem - Psychology of Longevity

Not least because of his QRA practitioners:
Bob Marshall, this, and Bob Marshall that,
is Bob Marshall proving to be all that?
Even with the hucksterism apparently necessary to get the word out on naturopathy,
and using natural approaches to allow the body to heal itself naturally,
Bob Marshall has proven to be unusually informative, empowering folks.
More, Bob Marshall appears to empower folks to empower themselves.

At the end of the day, this is a good deal to ask of Bob Marshall.
Thus, the Psychology of Longevity expresses appreciation to this rara avis.
Of all the real and "imitation" doctors on the radio and broadcasting online,
Dr. Alan Pressman is right up there, along with the rara avis known as Bob Marshall.
Dr. Marshall wins the race because of his innovations with QRA, QCI, QuantumTape, and more.

Learn more about Dr. Marshall, or at least what Dr. Marshall teaches on the radio, through his radio broadcast, "Healthline Live."
If you make your way to, you can work, sweat, and bleed your way to an apparently intentional effort to be obnoxious,
(regrettably, it appears that Dr. Marshall, and PRL, has habitually hired some of the world's most inept, or perhaps angry webmasters),
referring specifically to the PDF file that contains the unreliably current information on when-where Dr. Marshall's "Healthline Live" is on.
When the wasted seconds totalled hundreds of minutes per year, the decision was made to simply create a "Healthline Live" schedule for all.
So, if you wish to hear Dr. Bob Marshall on the radio broadcast of a "Top Ten Of All Radio Shows," here is your radio schedule, hardly reliable.
After listening to Dr. Marshall, you may wish to make an appointment with a trained QRA practitioner, such as Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC.
Dr. Cohen proves to be the greatest QRA practitioner of all time, thanks to his addition of technology to the ultimately accurate quantum reflex analysis.

for QRA appointments and consultations
Wherever you live or work, Dr. Cohen has the facilities to help you.