"The bigger your smiles,
the better your miles"

"The bigger your smiles, the better your miles."
Never oversimplify the core principles of life and success.
As basic as the PowerGems are, new layers deliver benefit.
There are no known exceptions when you ingest great wisdom.
Always and without exception will you find yet another distinction.
Most times, each new layer is, fantastically, better than the one before!
Can you imagine? You find a great piece of wisdom, then it doubles for you?
If that does not meet fair criteria for "fantastic," it happens again and then again!
You will often find that third layers of meaning are better than the first two combined.
Of the hundreds of thousands of cogent sentences shared by the Psychology of Shortcuts,
how many of them present exclamation points? If the Psychology of Shortcuts is using them,
you're warmly urged to think about what is before each exclamation point, more times than one.

Bigger smiles, better miles, an easy enough concept to understand, and to explain to others. You can do so, yes?
First, the faster shortcut: the initial smiles need not be genuine. Your body and brain are hard-wired to work together with exponential results, which occur in YOUR life, for the most part, only in crises and banal, minor efforts. On those occasions where you do allow your brain and body to work together, you produce results that tend to exponentiate. Better smiles for better miles is a fine example of this.

Again, the intial group of, oh, say, 100 smiles do not need to be genuinely felt.

Bigger smiles,longer miles, concepts made for us to understand, and then pass on to other willing listers.

You can do so, yes?

Stick with the best shortcuts: Your opening smiles are not necessarily legitimate or heart-felt. Your body and brain are hard-wired to work together, creating synergistic results, which happen as a matter of natural course... and repeatedly... in times of crisis, and for the pettiest of our endeavors. On such occasions where you do permit and empower your brain and body to work together, you already know that you are producing better results than whan you comport yourself "normally." Raise your expectations so that HIGH-LEVEL FOCUS becomes your "normal."

As the wise man said, "Fake it until you make it." In nicer language, "Act the way you want to be, and you rapidly become the way you act. This works for smiling and being nice to other people, and it certainly works for putting yourself into your most empowered zones of thought. Excellence can never happen by accident.

Bigger smiles for better miles, along the highway of the roadway that is your life.
Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk promote growth...
YOUR growth