The Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity come in many flavors, since we each respond uniquely to unique stimuli.
For domainists and domainizers, fully-developed, active, aging websites appear to be the profitable workhorses of domainizing.
Combining so many goals, such as helping the helpless, helping others to help themselves, spreading the best shortcuts,
the Psychology of Shortcuts takes opportunity to prove in front of your eyes the basic truths of multi-level excellence.
Expressing artistic impressions and asseverations, promulgating the universal secrets of masters and millionaires,
the Psychology of Shortcuts is nothing less than a template and idea corner for you to elicit YOUR excellence.
Doing a task one time and then applying it to multiple or even many categories is GREAT for your lifetime!
So, you record a video speaking for three to five minutes about anything for which you have great info.
You can also offer it as a tape, type it up for use as web page, book chapter, and newspaper column.
It's akin to repeat income, without whacking people repeatedly in a manner against their interests.
You do the work once, with Psychology of Shortcuts approach, "getting paid" again and again.
The quotation marks for getting paid are used because there are so many ways to get paid.
To gain the most amount of money, money needs to be subordinated to acts of excellence.
Money is a byproduct of excellence, not the main goal of Psychology of Shortcuts thinking.
If money is your only goal, and you focus on it relentlessly, of course you will obtain money.
The Psychology of Shortcuts issue with that is the fact that you will likely end up with only money.
As so many uber-wealthy celebrities have demonstrated, big money does not prevent life's challenges.
Excellence, on the other hand, provides magnificent, effective prevention of so many of those challenges.
As well, success is most succinctly defined as the intersection of preparation and opportunity, so, be prepared!
How do we best prepare? That's the easiest one of all, identifying precisely what you are aiming at from within you.
As Denis Waitley brilliantly taught, "If you do not know where you are going, you are going to end up somewhere else."
Thus, pursuing mastery, getting better by one percent at any or even every task that has to be repeated in your life anyway,
provides so many separate benefits that you will find this PowerGem to be likened to an entire toolbox full of tools you can use.
Perhaps above and beyond it all is the most core issue of the Psychology of Shortcuts, which is helping the helpless, from you, too.
Some of the many sites and sponsors trading free clickthroughs for charitable donations are given space at the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Be confident from click #1, still, verify, verify, that when you click a hundred and even a thousand and more days at such philanthropic sites,
approximately every facet of your life seems to be beneficially affected when you save a hundred and a thousand or more lives. Try it and see.

As long as Newton's 3rd law of physics still holds true in our lifetime, the Psychology of Shortcuts says "Yes."
Yes to having entirely selfish reasons for breaking records by clicking every day, or on more of such sites, etc.
Did you know that giving away as little as eighteen cents a day, if done silently, tends to bring "found" money?
Approximately one hundred percent of all humans who try this become astounded if they have not done it before.
Shhh. Stop forming opinions, ye of little knowledge and even lesser experience. Imitate who repeatedly does it best.