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Answer to power, answer to power,
do you not see the need, the height of the hour?
Answer to power the time has arrived, here is your chance to rise and shine.
Answer to power in your effort to tower, don't let your life, turn shallow and sour.
Reach into the grate, to participate, do not think to cower, as you answer to power.

Answer to power, answer to power,
do you not feel the heel, the fight of the hour?
How long will your neck, be ground in cement,
how will you stand, in answer to power?
Too few are the good,
too tiny their numbers,
while the ignorant masses,
buy again through their slumbers.
Wake up and save, at least eighty percent,
take back your own wealth, to prevent descent.
Growth is invested, not consumed, poorly spent,
regained from illusion, it will return Heaven-sent.
Clean is clean, and dirty is dirty, how do you make your bread?
If our children should not be consuming it, how does that put us ahead?