Ahhmigo Shortcuts Ode
Aimed At YOUR Very Core
Ahhmigo shortcuts might keep us alive,
considering Ahhmigo shortcuts are not constituted of jive.
Each sweet link, and all of their pages, were built by MisterShortcut in operative stages.
Each link offers EyeCandy, Shapelinks, and more, all to bring shortcuts to your front door.
Ahhmigo shortcuts mean to solicit your best, in support of your living ultimately healthy.

Reach for the best inside of your soul, and let the Psychology of Longevity help keep you whole.
The more that you learn, the more you tend to earn. When in health you know, health-profit grows.
Ahhmigo shortcuts are just EyeCandy treats, MisterShortcut sure hopes you accept them as sweet.
Healthy Ahhmigo shortcuts, by the score and more, t'was a hamburger hotlink at this page's core.
The Psychology of Longevity posits that Ahhmigo is among the healthiest beverages available.

The Psychology of Shortcuts wants you to heed,
the people who repeatedly fulfilled their needs.
Go for yours, because you only get one life, friend.
You have wasted far more than enough of it, to date,
and there is no rhyme powerful enough to reinforce this.
So many tens of thousands of minutes stolen from yourself.
From this day forth let us see more
of what now rests upon your shelf.

Shhhhhh. Less talk and More action, capitalization intended.

Make the Psychology of Shortcuts fit YOUR goals and dreams.
Since you knew well the Psychology of Shortcuts as a child,
knowing how to ask persistently, let the child grow wild.

If you ask more people more times each, you win hugely.
From the world's first mega-polymath to you, it is a certitude.
This one master secret of the universe supercedes most others.
If your brain grasps these omnipotent master secrets, another:
We can only move toward our most dominant current thought.
Using this PowerGem can easily double your results in one day.
You are promised FAR more control of your results in learning this.
Understanding this is a vast power, moving far past typical success.
Understanding this yields only a tiny piece of the power in using this.
If you know something in advance, you can use it repeatedly on purpose.
When your mind persistently references "Ahhmigo shortcuts," focus is established.
You can only move toward your most dominant current thought, so, go ahead and control it!
Life equivalency is found in knowing that we usually get what we expect, long-term.
So, by looking for Ahhmigo shortcuts whenever and wherever you can, you find them.
This works in every known field of human endeavor, including what you are doing.
"PowerGem" means it is a universal shortcut for any imaginable success efforts.
While we don't always get what we want, we DO tend to get what we expect.
Knowing in advance identifiably increases your power with every repeat.
It is UTTERLY dependent upon your repetition, a most magical secret.
Allight, let hand be set to another Ahhmigo shortcuts poem, and yes,
it is probably packed with "Ahhmigo shortcuts" references.

Ahhmigo Shortcuts Poem #3:

Ahhmigo shortcuts are really quite nice, because Ahhmigo shortcuts are even more useful than ice.
Unlike ice, Ahhmigo shortcuts cause no sword cuts, because Ahhmigo shortcuts are strictly great shortcuts.
Ahhmigo shortcuts seven times for one hundred, Ahhmigo shortcuts for those filled with hunger.
To win and then to win, again and again, like world-renowned champion Jimmy Connors,
who know that great shortcuts in the pursuit of success demands using ethics and honor.
So click on EyeCandy food buttons, our Ahhmigo shortcuts, use them like good humans,
for the good guys who share, and do it quite cleanly,
are surely much less likely to be exhumed.

Welcome to the Ahhmigo shortcuts capital of the internet,
where shortcuts prove to empower success universally.
Laugh at yourself so as to accelerate your success.
What stands out the most can be illuminating.
Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk, for you.
Success is a vision kissed by a deadline.
Deadlines double your probabilities.