Wealth shortcuts empower those who empower,
and who deserve to know that the tiniest progress in your understanding,
that you can learn to bring big things in your individual minutes, by how you see them.
Every PowerGem you encounter within the Psychology of Shortcuts is long-proven, time-proven.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is an inhalation of the secrets and shortcuts of people who repeatedly excel.
There is nothing complicated in understanding that you get better cookies if you first copy Grandma.
It is the recipe system. People who break and shatter world records show and know much more.
You can do it your way   A F T E R   you duplicate the recipes of champions.
Whoever you are, and wherever you are,
you certainly have built up some knowledge, experience, and wisdom from living.
You add your innovations and experience and wisdom when you are skilled.
You get the skill by finding ten or a thousand people doing it repeatedly.
The previous sentence has multiple meanings, and each is profitable.
For those who may be challenged, just write the minutes of your life.
Write down what you do, nothing left out. Account for your life.
One hundred hours will find for you many of your most precious possessions.
You will rapidly see how many thousands of minutes we fritter away on minors.
The Psychology of Shortcuts is your personal invitation to wake you up to mastery.
MisterShortcut invested more than 180,000,000 precious possessions into your mastery.
It is founded on the belief, now proven, that every human can develop their best skills.
Get excited about your minutes so you rapidly find your minutes getting excited about you.

What you know is not going to be as wealthy as what you do with what you know.

The Psychology of Shortcuts uses interactive Shapelinks to help entice you into your own excellence.
Shapelinks are also an artistic expression of the Psychology of Shortcuts, because they are simple, and fun.
Sadly, only IE browsers appear to render all the delicious EyeCandy effects, all in simple CSS, javascript, html.
Thus is it wise for us to remember that Psychology of Shortcuts Shapelinks are EyeCandy treats leading to PowerGems.
It is the PowerGems that bring us here, the universal shortcuts that work approximately every time a human uses them.
Always double and triple-check all sources, it is silly to believe one person for big parts of life. Learn more so you can live more.
At the bottom of every page of life is the reminder that, in all religions, we get judged by how many helpless humans we get to help up.
Engage the Psychology of Shortcuts to learn more and live more, so that together we can give more. That is why we share your new wealth.

The Psychology of Shortcuts And What You Know

Simply knowing it is not enough:
Delay is sucking the minutes of your life away by the thousands.
No insult intended, but you do not seem to have even a clue that you are wasting thousands of seconds per day.
What is wrong with you? THOUSANDS of seconds every day? You do not have to be purist.
Do not cite obvious and unhelpful extremes, it is wiser to focus on saving some seconds.
Not just a few of them, either, even though those few seconds, repeated, add up.
Chopping ten seconds from every petty conversation means hundreds of hours.
This is time you are SO going to appreciate as your lifetime speeds up.
How you spend your minutes is how you are spending your whole life.
Invest your minutes and get paid back a thousand times and more.