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adaptogenic shortcuts, oh, adaptogenic shortcuts,
the sound alone attracts me, oh, adaptogenic shortcuts.
Every form of life has at least one thing in common, right?
One of those delightful facts that yields power is death-start.
In every form of life, death begins when growth stops, absolutely.
"Absolutely" does mean without exception, so you get to profit from it.
When growth stops, you can understand that the death process begins acting.
So when you consciously and intentionally continue to grow, on purpose, you win.
Are you saying that, just because you cannot stop all signs of aging, you won't try?
I know I can out-run and otherwise out-perform people half my age, a quarter my age, etc.
Can YOU recite thousands of digits in Pi, and ten times faster than the world champion?
I can, and my memory is no better than yours. I simply squeeze more from my brain.
When you grow intentionally, with something cybernetic, something goal-oriented,
you fend off not merely death itself, rather, the death process of aging.
You have seen people in their fifties and sixties who look horrible,
and you've seen people in their seventies and eighties jogging.
Adaptogenic shortcuts are designed to keep you younger.
Here, you get it from the horse's mouth - x 1,000.
When you get your data from the horse's mouth,
we don't see you at the horse's other end.
Adaptogenic shortcuts, for all of us.