More than 14,700,000 cancer patients given chemotherapy, surgery, or both: almost ALL dead within 5 years,
More than 200,000 cancer patients treated with legitimate Rife machines: 14 percent dead within 5 years.
Who goes to jail? The Rife people, not the medical doctors who kill far more people than they help.
A high-school graduate who knows QRA can teach you more than thousands of consulting M.D.'s.
If you believe this to be exaggeration, you are forming opinions without sufficient education.
Up to sixteen patients are sickened or killed by medical treatment for each who benefits.
Over ninety of every one hundred people who die in the USA die of unnatural causes.
You know three of the top causes, cancer, cardiac, and stroke, and miss two more.
The two largest causes of death, exceeding all other reported deaths, globally,
are described as iatrogenic death, followed by malnutritive starvation.
In no other nation do up to a million die every year following MD's orders.
Starvation from you using up your capacity to digest food, eating it cooked.
Starvation globally as a result of greed exceeding what the people can bear.
As you have not been trained for nor mentally prepared for it, truth eludes you.
You cannot see the damage done by one meal of cooked food with no enzymes.
You are actually not inclined or geared to understand the most potent truths of life.
Your acceptance of money as an important indicator makes you putty to advertisers.
You really and truly believe that thousands of cooked meals have done you no harm.
You form your opinions based on belief, rather than knowledge plus many experiences.
The Psychology of Longevity seeks to ameliorate, even obviate, your prime causes of death.
Prime, a reminder from the Psychology of Longevity that quality counts for more than quantity.
What is the value in living to seventy, eighty, and beyond, if you are existing in a medical cloud?
If you have prescription drugs in your house, in your daily life, you need to raise your intelligence.
No remedy heals the body, or gives pain relief, nor replace the body's healing agents.
They can only tell your body's built-in systems to produce more of its own substances.
There is no such thing as a prescription drug which can cure a disease, which is only possible naturally.
No drug or surgery or human can heal or cure anything in anyone else, we only heal from the inside out.
Drugs can very often mask or hide or suppress a symptom, without ever fixing what caused that symptom.
That means the symptom will always need to be masked or hidden or suppressed, without fixing anything.

First, the largest cause of death in America. No doubt, no dispute, numbers come from too many sources.
Iatrogenic death, "given to the patient by the physician" is by far the number one cause of death now.
In fairness, it is, in large part, the fault of the patient, who feeds into the greed of the physicians.

More than ninety percent of all diseases in the U.S. would dissolve with elimination of fake food.
Parents who feed their children white flour or sugar are committing crimes already on the books.
You must go to prison if you knowingly give your child a substance guaranteed to cause damage.
No, the Psychology of Longevity is not referencing a many-year habit of sodas with a dozen spoons of sugar.
One half-spoon of sugar is enough to cancel all the HCL (digestive acid) in the stomach, turning off your digestion.
Processing food is usually confused with digestion of food. Digestion means you get the nutrition from what you ate.
That bit of sugar, never mind the eight and ten and even twelve spoons of bleached sugar per can of soda, stops nutrition.
When the sugar cancels the HCL, which is critical to disinfect the filthy things we eat, liver functions are temporarily suspended.
Something you do not know, mostly because you are a victim of stupidity, materialism, and pure greed, so you cannot pretend to know,

is that your liver engages in hundreds... and then more hundreds of unique, separate, truly important different functions.
Included among them is notifying the gallbladder to release the bile stored there, processing cholesterol, emulsifying fats, and a good bit more.
That means that the food passing through the liver has not been disinfected or processed, so, rotted food goes into the liver, in near-dead silence.
That tiny bit of sugar, not even a full spoon, deprives your child of a healthy, functioning set of organs, losing digestion and nutrition and good life.
Worse, only one-sixteenth of a teaspoon of corn syrup is needed to have the same effect on stomach, liver, gallbladder, digestion, health, and life.
How you allow your child the horrific fast foods that clog livers and gallbladders, guaranteeing their diabesity and worse, is beyond the merely rational.
The tiny decision to eat real food, for fuel and not for reward, takes years from your aging process, and gives you more and better days and years of strength.
Of course you are welcome to pretend to know better than which is based on those who live stronger for longer, most often naturally.

Who does it best should be the only ones speaking, other than their biographers. Everyone else needs to use two ears two times as much as one mouth.
That is why competent naturopathic doctors, particularly the best QRA practitioners, have far, far higher success rates than any medical doctor you see. The count, the comparison, not even close. Learn the truth, that medical doctors injure or kill up to sixteen people for every one who gets any material benefit from consulting with someone who wishes to earn luxuries selling deadly drugs and deadly or incapacitating surgery. The higher the price, the less important the patient proves to be to the physician. The Psychology of Longevity suggests with no small vigor of discourse that there is a very direct correlation between the price that the physician seeks and the concern of that practitioner for the well-being and healthful prosperity of the patient.

Be clear in your mind: Anyone in the field of health charging a thousand to ten thousand or more dollars per hour for their services is, in the eyes of anyone embracing the Psychology of Longevity a charlatan with respect to caring for the customer. More people in this nation alone have gone horrifically bankrupt and worse from catastrophic health events... than all other causes... COMBINED! As Monsignor Francis Bernard Kellogg III used to say, "What you do speaks so loudly I wish you wouldn't flap your lips at us."


Numbers do not lie, people only manipulate numbers.
Any human charging thousands of dollars per hour is not a giving or healing human.
Your doctor is not the "top guy in the state," for anything more than collecting cash.
What kind of mother raises a child to profit hugely off a child's bloody injury, etc.?

Prostitutes and coprophiles of the lowest order, who value personal toys far more than service:
Raising children to profit thousands of times each from the suffering of the poor they disserve.
If your child is a wealthy MD, not working for the likes of TheSmileTrain, you are a human failure.

Thankfully, the universe always matches every action with an equal and opposite reaction, per Newton.
Not five in one hundred, but NINETY-plus of every one hundred people die from strictly unnatural causes.
That is all the proof required for the genius beneath the Psychology of Longevity to substantiate medical failure.
Anyone consulting an MD for any health issue not involving bleeding, or broken bones, is truly mired in ignorance.
MD's are highly-trained for three things: emergency care (usually excellent), and selling surgeries and toxic drugs.
For diseases, you can find no M.D. whose patients do not PRIMARILY get worse and die as a result of the consult.
You do not need to imitate MisterShortcut, reading a book or three each A.M., to count the basic numbers of truth.
MD's are not trained in nutrition, know nothing of interference points left by every injury that heals (or doesn't).
MD's have no clue that billions in medical devices are less useful than a one-second bidigital test we can all quickly learn to use.
Linda Forbes, the genius behind the discrete genius of Bob Marshall, has changed modern health care for a long time to come.
Until you raise your intelligence by both nourishing and using your brain more efficiently, truth can only come to you in stages.

QRA Empowers Self-Health, Self-Help
A child of 10 or 15 who knows QRA knows FAR more than an M.D. about what is healthy

QRA cannot be manipulated, it can only be used correctly or incorrectly. It is elegant enough that QRA is not complicated to learn, quite the contrary. (BDORT is how QRA works, and five-year-old children can learn BDORT in a matter of seconds). Fantastic and magnificent is the fact that you will find that BDORT, and then QRA, to be no more than a one-second, portable test that is all-natural, usable forever, and of use wherever you go. If you make a list of the ten things that every human should be trained in as children, vastu and QRA are at or near the top of the list.

Less talking from you, and more doing. When you do something one hundred times with an absolute commitment to get at least one percent better every time, you walk away a big, fat, happy winner.

This works time and time again, and can be fairly refuted by no man or woman alive. The Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts work specifically to gather the best of the best available to the human race. Unlike the naysayers and lesser forms, the Psychology of Longevity does not charge you money. The Psychology of Shortcuts does not accept cash or credit cards or checks. The payment demanded for these millions of pages of fantastically truthful magic powers of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires is for you to share the half of the profit we earn through PowerGems with the helpless people you will find or search further to find. In return, you get wealth and health that is not known to be taught at anywhere near this level anywhere in the history of the world.

Take advantage of powerful information. You need money? Get free money from the government's 11,000 free cash and loan programs. Ask every human you contact for a specific amount of cash, giving them at least three reasons WHY they should give you their money. Get it through your head that the richest people in any society tend to be the people who ask the most. Bill Gates sold his products by asking many millions of people to buy his products, and he asked each of them many, many, oh, boy, many of times. Who asks the most receives the most.

QRA Capabilities And Strengths - Provable Accurate Truth

QRA immediately proves to be accurate. Bringing a test from five thousand years ago into the present with the use of technology and wisdom serves to dramatically increase the accuracy of muscle testing, or kinesiology.

The accuracy of QRA is undeniable because it works every time a QRA tester is present, and is strong on his or her own brain points. Use of the QCI vial for 20 to 30 seconds makes every gland, organ, and even tissue temporarily strong, much stronger than normal, ensuring the accuracy of the QRA test.

Because QRA is so magnificently simple, because it is almost ridiculously easy for most humans to learn how to do QRA, it must be recognized right up front that mainstream medicine is continually pressing back, because people with far more money than you do not want their cash flow interrupted. Wise is the person who learns QRA, and how to fruitfully apply any of the uses of QRA. Learn the many rasons why this bidigital o-ring test is such a thoroughly useful tool for life. Most of the best QRA practitioners, in New York or Texas, New Jersey or Long Island or California, are each and all happy to share huge bits of their QRA training with you, especially if you ask! QRA may well be the easiest test you ever learn how to perform, and among your most influential tests. Quantum Reflex Analysis is 21st century nutrition at its very best. Learn more so you can likely live more, with better decisions based on better information and more of your own experience. QRA is today.

What Does The Psychology of Shortcuts Mean With Shapetalk?

Psychology of Shortcuts Shapetalk is here for more than just the obvious shapetalking purposes.
Since all wisdom proves to have multiple layers of value, the Psychology of Shortcuts aims at the same.
Have you yet formed an opinion on Shapetalk, or the purpose of Shapetalk, the benefit to YOU of Shapetalking?
If you understand that most of what we learn from the Psychology of Shortcuts is multi-layered in its delivery of benefit,
what would YOU suppose several of the underlying functions, meanings, intentions of Shapetalk might be?     Take a guess!
Until you figure it out, or encounter a Psychology of Shortcuts mini-exegesis or full explanation of Shapetalk, read more Shapetalk!


Psychology of Longevity HealthTalk Shapetalk

An MD cutting out a cancer does not do more complex work than a mechanic does with a new car.
To charge another human being thousands of dollars per hour mean invoking Newton's Third Law.
It is incomprehensible to consider even the possibility that Life does not finely repay such wrong.
The Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts are grateful to know Newton was right.
Some of the first steps that every human needs to take are, taken one at a time, easily learned.
Learn that every process on earth leaves metabolites, or "leftovers" behind. There are no exceptions in your life.
The metabolites that are left behind at the site of every injury are not only toxic, they literally clog your electrical wiring system.
The effect of such interference points is greater than the nutrition you pretend to understand, great enough to systemically weaken you.
If your knees or ankles start swelling up over a brief period of time, you know that your kidneys are malfunctioning, approximately always.
If you have bags or dark circles under your eyes, or see "floaters," there is no possibility of your liver and gallbladder working at full function.
In each of these cases, and many dozens of others, you have an interference point on the electrical meridian that feeds the associated organ.
QRA testing proves true a hundred percent of the time in a hundred QRA bidigital tests. This relegates consultation with MD's the realm of fools.
QRA will show you what organ is testing weakest, and you can test different nutritional substances to see which one you prove to be deficient in.
If you wish to speed up the process by removing guesses and testing, try Bodyscan or Spectravision or similar biofeedback therapy devices to see.
These, and similar devices, help your body to report with precision WHICH toxin is stuck at what body point, and what you need to remediate it with.
QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) rapidly confirms what Bodyscan, Spectravision, etc., defines as your toxic interference and your nutritional deficiency.
Applause to Dr. Omura for BDORT, as much to Marshall and Forbes for QRA, and standing ovations to David Cohen for technologizing so many methods.
This Psychology of Longevity Shapetalk is brought to you in hope of slapping you out of your stupidity, to bring out more of the genius we know is in you.
Stop forming opinions without boxes of information stored inside your mind, and more than a taste of experience to back up the opinions you will form.
Thanks to beyond-organic nutritional supplements, use of the brain-tuner, and several other devices, the intellect of MisterShortcut contines to develop.
Sixteen thousand days of a book or three per day, often pre-breakfast, and a thousand minutes per day pursuing unprecedented, prolific excellence.
Above all, the most brilliant possible use of a brilliant mind, which the Psychology of Longevity can prove you have little or no shortage of yourself:
Silence, absorption in the presence of those doing it better, stronger, and more often: those above the age of 90 or 100 proving highly functional.
Along with repeatable naturopathic technologies, the Psychology of Longevity counts on these people as the proverbial mouth of the horse.
Even with more information stored within one mind than in those a hundred Harvard professors, MisterShortcut prefers the horse's mouth.
Those who are not, day after day, performing at the highest levels we know as "world-class," cannot engage in more than blatherskite.

If you suffer any acute medical emergency, MD's are the best, maybe only people to turn to.
With respect to disease or malady, a medical doctor does not have a single day of training.
Not the slightest glimmer of a hint of any training whatsoever in how to heal anything!
That is not Psychology of Longevity babbletalk: it is a fact of med school schedules.
You say that their luxuries are dependant upon how long they keep me sick?
My intellect has not allowed me the stupidity of such uncritical trust.

As always, no need to believe the Psychology of Longevity :
Look at a syllabus of any medical school course in the world!
Nothing! Nada! Zero! No healing, no nutrition, just drugs and surgery.
More than ninety percent of all cancer patients die of treatment, not from the cancer.
Cutting out the cancer, the cancer should return; no one fixed the cause of the cancer.

Learn QRA. No need to spend thousands to get trained as an "official" QRA practitioner.
Consult with any of the many QRA practitioners, or go straight to the very best, Dr. Cohen.
If you wish to, consult with two or three, the cost is ridiculously inexpensive for the value.

When you have, for example, two different QRA practitioners rapidly arriving at the same end,
you have a proof of what scientists call a "replicable pattern." Good QRA practitioners prove it.
The Psychology of Longevity may be the only charitable effort on earth not soliciting or selling.
Your life is more important than the many thousands per day purportedly lost by preferring truth.
There is, to our knowledge, no website on the internet even close to the Psychology of Longevity
Do not foolishly think that the Psychology of Longevity websites are mirror sites; they are not.
Different people respond to each new stimulus in many different ways, thus, great diversity.
Leap into developing your own Psychology of Longevity